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German Vocabulary

Welcome to our German vocabulary! When you want to speak German, you have to build a good basic vocabulary in German. And that is what we want to provide here. But our posts are a bit different to the usual online dictionaries. We aim not only to give you a translation, but also some other vocab from the same context or further cultural background for a word. We hope you’ll like it.

trabbi in the rain

Rain in German – German Vocabulary 101

Rain can be a nuisance or a blessing, depending whether you want to have a picknick or grow some veg. So today we’ll look at rain in German in our vocabulary .

gloomy weather at cache castle

Weather in German – German Vocabulary 101

The weather is a common topic to talk about. It’s good to know some of the words, to break the ice with the locals. So we look at the weather in German today.

german word for chair: stuhl

Chair in German – German Vocabulary 101

Chairs come in different kinds and shapes. And they can tell us a lot about their owner. So in this post we’ll look at the different kinds of chair in German.

german truss house

House in German – German Vocabulary 101

The idea of a property you can call your own and where you feel at home has great appeal. So, today we look at the words related to house in German.

the toilet monster

Toilet in German – German Vocabulary 101

We all need a toilet several times a day, so it’s better to know how to ask for directions. So in this post we will show you the words used for toilet in German. And how to ask for it.

copper cookware

Cookware in German – German Vocabulary 101

No cooking can be done without the right pots and pans and some utensils. So let us examine the word for cookware in German. And why every pot finds his lid.

german word for bedroom: schlafzimmer

Bedroom in German – German Vocabulary 101

The number of rooms in a flat is counted differently in Germany. We will explain why and also explore more items in and around the bedroom in German.

german word for bathroom: badezimmer

Bathroom in German – German Vocabulary 101

Our vocabulary for bathroom words doesn’t only contain the word for bathroom in German, but also most words that you may need for your visit to the bathroom