french greetings

25+ Goodbyes and Greetings in French

The French are actually a very cordial people. And if you know the right greetings in French for the different occasions, you will be seen as a friend quickly.

How do you say Welcome Back in French?

We will tell you how you can say Welcome Back in French and all the different alterations of the phrase that you will be using while speaking the language.

How to say Happy Anniversary in French

The French love to enjoy life and celebrate. And what better occasions to celebrate than anniversaries? So let’s look at some French phrases used to say Happy Anniversary in French.

Animal Names in French (Les Noms des Animaux)

Pet owners usually love to talk about their furry little friends. The French aren’t any different in this regard. So, as animals are always a good topic for small talk let’s look at animal names in French.

learn french irregular verbs like you're in paris

French Irregular Verbs and How to Use Them

While French irregular verbs may seem a little overwhelming, with patience and practice you’ll grasp the concept. And find it easier to form correct sentences.