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Learn German

German, one of the most important languages in the world, is the native language of almost 100 million people worldwide and is spoken by more than 130 million people in total. Become one of them with the help of our articles on the German language.

st nicholas

Happy St. Nicholas Day in German

Who was St. Nicholas, why does he look like Santa Claus and how do you say Happy St. Nicholas day in German? Today’s post is filled with apples, nuts and fun.

How to say Bless You in German

The reactions to someone sneezing vary widely around the globe. In this post we look at the German response, i.e. we investigate how to say Bless You in German.

halloween trick or treat

Trick or Treat in German

Halloween isn’t a traditional feast in Germany. So, how did Halloween come to Germany? And how do you say trick or treat in German?

german abc

The Letters of the German Alphabet

The German Alphabet uses the same 26 letters you already know from the English alphabet. But there are 4 more! So learn all about the umlauts and the “ß” in our post.