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House in German – German Vocabulary 101


Living in their own house is something most Germans want. But as in other countries that means living in a house which actually belongs to the bank. Prices for property have risen steeply in the past decades, and so for many German people this dream may never come true. In this article we will learn the translation for house in German.

The idea of a property you can call your own and where you feel at home still has its charm. A bit of land to plant some flowers, shrubs and trees, possibly some legs and herbs as well, a patio with a barbecue, maybe even a pond. And your next door neighbors are at least a few yards away instead of just a few inches. A house has a lot to offer! So let’s dive into German vocabulary and learn everything related to “house” in German.

The German word for house is das Haus (Plural: die Häuser).
house in german: haus
Historic houses in Tübingen — Image by sulox32 from Pixabay

Types of Houses in German Language

There are all kinds of houses. Here we give you the German translations for the different kinds of houses.

English ExpressionsGerman TranslationsGender
apartment house (American English)das Mehrfamilienhausneuter
bungalowder Bungalowmasculine
council house (British English)die Sozialwohnungfeminine
country housedas Landhausneuter
detached housedas freistehende Hausneuter
farm housedas Bauernhausneuter
house trailerder Wohnwagenmasculine
houseboatdas Hausbootneuter
log housedas Blockhausneuter
mansion housedas Herrenhausneuter
semi-detached housedas Doppelhaus / die Doppelhaushälfteneuter / feminine
terraced housedas Reihenhausneuter
tiny housedas Mini-Hausneuter
townhousedas Stadthausneuter
tree housedas Baumhausneuter
truss housedas Fachwerkhausneuter
black forest house in germany
German house in the Black Forest in southern Germany — Image by suju-foto from Pixabay

German Words with House in German

More house-related words from the German language.

English ExpressionsGerman TranslationsGender
estate agent (American English)der Häusermaklermasculine
front doordie Haustürfeminine
haunted housedas Spukhausneuter
hen housedas Hühnerhausneuter
housedas Hausneuter
house agent (American English)der Häusermaklermasculine
house and farmHaus und Hof
house appliancedas Haushaltsgerätneuter
house bardie Hausbarfeminine
house blessingder Haussegenmasculine
house builderder Bauherrmasculine
house callder Hausbesuchmasculine
house catdie Hauskatzefeminine
house cleaningder Hausputzmasculine
house clearancedie Haushaltsauflösungfeminine
house detective (American English)der Hausdetektivmasculine
house exchangeder Haustauschmasculine
house flydie Stubenfliegefeminine
house guestder Hausgastmasculine
house hunterder Haussuchendemasculine
house insurancedie Wohngebäudeversicherungfeminine
house maiddas Hausmädchenneuter
house numberdie Hausnummerfeminine
house organdie Hauszeitschriftfeminine
house paintdie Fassadenfarbefeminine
house partydie Hauspartyfeminine
house roofdas Hausdachneuter
house rulesdie Hausordnungfeminine
house safeder Haussafemasculine
house slippersdie Hausschuhefeminine
house topdas Dachneuter
house walldie Hauswandfeminine
householdder Haushaltmasculine
open house (American English)der Tag der offenen Türmasculine
squatdas besetzte Hausneuter
to dwellhausenverb

Example Sentences

  • Er wollte das ganze Haus rosa streichen, aber die Behörden haben es zum Glück verboten. — He wanted to paint the whole house pink, but luckily the authorities forbade it.
  • Wenn Sie sich nicht an die Hausordnung halten, muss ich sie bitten zu gehen! — If you do not follow the house rules, I will have to ask you to leave!

Sayings with German House

  • Da hängt der Haussegen schief. — Literally: The house blessing hangs askew there.
    Meaning: There’s trouble in the house or family.
  • unter Dach und Fach bringen — Literally: get it under roof and truss
    Meaning: Roof and truss were the most important parts of a truss house. So this saying means to get things right / in order.
  • Haus und Hof verspielen — Literally: Gamble away house and farm
  • wie ein Kartenhaus zusammenfallen — collapse like a house of cards
  • mit der Tür ins Haus fallen — Literally: to fall into the house with the door
    Meaning: to jump in at the first opportunity
  • hausen wie die Wandalen — Literally: to dwell like the vandals
    Meaning: The vandals were a german tribe. They conquered and pillaged the city of Rome in 455 A.D. So this saying stands for “to destroy senselessly,” or “leave a big mess.”