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trabbi in the rain

Rain in German – German Vocabulary 101


Rain can be a nuisance when you want to have a picknick or simply cycle to work. But take a look at the areas of this world where there is not enough rain, and you’ll see what a blessing rain actually is. So today we will look at our German vocabulary and examine rain in German and many words connected to it.

The German word for rain is der Regen (masculine, no plural).

By the way: the German verb “regen” has nothing to do with rain. It means “to move” or “to agitate”. The German verb belonging to rain is “regnen“, so it has an additional “n”.

Es regnet schon den ganzen Tag. — It has been raining all day.

rain in german : der regen
Rain drops – die Regentropfen — Image by Sourabh yadav from Pixabay

Forms of Rain in German Language

A few years ago claiming the Inuit had so and so many words for snow, was all the rage. When I look at the number of words we have for different kinds of rains, we can’t be that far off.

English ExpressionsGerman TranslationsGender
acid rainsaurer Regenmasculine
autumn rainder Herbstregenmasculine
blood rainder Blutregenmasculine
clean rainder Reinregenmasculine
continous rainder Dauerregenmasculine
driving rainder Schlagregenmasculine
drizzling rainder Sprühregenmasculine
evening rainder Abendregenmasculine
freezing raingefrierender Regen / das Blitzeismasculine / neuter
gentle rainder Nieselregenmasculine
heavy rainder Starkregenmasculine
intense rainder Starkregenmasculine
monsoon rainder Monsunregenmasculine
rain and snowder Schneeregenmasculine
steady rainder Landregenmasculine
summer rainder Sommerregenmasculine
torrential rainder Wolkenbruch / sintflutartige Regenfällemasculine / plural
Rain Barrel in German - die Regentonne
Rain Barrel – die Regentonne — Image by Lena Lindell from Pixabay

Other Words with Rain in German

English ExpressionsGerman TranslationsGender
earthworm der Regenwurm masculine
rain barreldie Regentonnefeminine
rain capdie Regenkappefeminine
rain capedas Regencapeneuter
rain capedie Pelerinefeminine
rain clouddie Regenwolkefeminine
rain coverdas Regendachneuter
rain dayder Regentagmasculine
rain distributiondie Regenverteilungfeminine
rain doctorder Regenmachermasculine
rain draindie Regenrinnefeminine
rain dropder Regentropfenmasculine
rain flooddas Regenhochwasserneuter
rain forecastdie Regenvorhersagefeminine
rain forestder Regenwaldmasculine
rain frequencydie Regenhäufigkeitfeminine
rain gaugeder Regenmessermasculine
rain gundie Regenkanonefeminine
rain gutterdie Regenrinnefeminine
rain mapdie Regenkartefeminine
rain perioddie Regenzeitfeminine
rain pipedie Dachrinnefeminine
rain probabilitydie Regenwahrscheinlichkeitfeminine
rain protectionder Regenschutzmasculine
rain ratedie Niederschlagsintensitätfeminine
rain recordingdie Regenaufzeichnungfeminine
rain ritesdie Regenritenplural
rain runoffdas Regenwasserneuter
rain sensorder Regensensormasculine
rain shieldder Regenschutzmasculine
rain shower (bathroom)die Regenduschefeminine
rain showerder Regenschauermasculine
rain stormdas Regenunwetterneuter
rain troughder Regenfängermasculine
rainbowder Regenbogenmasculine
rainforestder Regenwaldmasculine
raingeardie Regenkleidungfeminine

Example Sentences

  • Der Regen endete und die Wolken brachen auf. — The rain ended and the clouds broke.
  • Wenn du Deutschland im Herbst besuchst, vergiss die Regenkleidung nicht. — If you visit Germany in the fall, don’t forget your raingear.
  • Es regnet viel in diesem Sommer. — It rains a lot this summer.

German Sayings with Rain

  • Vom Regen in die Traufe kommen.Literally: To get from rain to eaves. Meaning: To get from bad to worse.
  • Jemanden im Regen stehen lassen. — To leave someone out in the rain.