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german word for chair: stuhl

Chair in German – German Vocabulary 101


A chair is one of the most basic furnitures mankind ever invented. All you really need is a seat and three legs. OK, you may call it a stool, but it’s a piece of furniture to sit on. So in this post we’ll look at the different varieties of chair in German.

Despite it’s simplicity the chair became immensely popular. Even more so after more and more people starting working in offices. Today we are sitting so much during the day that some physiotherapists claim sitting is the new smoking. Even so, the history of the chair really reflects the history of man. From humble stools to magnificent royal thrones, from all purpose wooden chairs up to complicated treatment chairs of hairdressers or dentists. Chairs can tell us a lot about their owners and about the period in which they were made. So let’s crack on.

The German word for chair is der Stuhl (masculine, plural: die Stühle).
german word for office chair: bürostuhl
German word for office chair: Bürostuhl — Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

Basic Parts of a Chair in German

As I said above, you don’t need many parts to build a chair. But most chairs are a bit more complicated than a stool. So here are the German translations for the chair components.

English ExpressionsGerman TranslationsGender
chair der Stuhlmasculine
arm restdie Armlehnefeminine
chair-backdie Rückenlehnefeminine
chair coverdie Stuhlhussefeminine
chair cushiondas Sitzkissenneuter
chair legdas Stuhlbeinneuter
seatder Sitz / die Sitzflächemasculine / feminine

Different Kinds of Chair in German

Chairs come in all different shapes and materials. Some are general purpose, others highly specialized. SO here we compiled a list of German expressions for all kinds of furniture to sit on.

English ExpressionsGerman TranslationsGender
barber chairder Frisörstuhlmasculine
beach chairder Strandkorbmasculine
bean bag chairder Sitzsackmasculine
boatswain’s chairder Bootsmannsstuhlmasculine
cane chairder Korbstuhlmasculine
cantilever chairder Freischwingermasculine
canvas chairder Liegestuhlmasculine
coffeehouse chairder Kaffeehausstuhlmasculine
confessionalder Beichtstuhlmasculine
deck chairder Liegestuhlmasculine
dentist’s chairder Zahnarztstuhlmasculine
desk chairder Schreibtischstuhlmasculine
easy chairder Sesselmasculine
elbow chairder Lehnstuhlmasculine
electric chairder elektrische Stuhlmasculine
executive chairder Chefsesselmasculine
feeding chairder Fütterstuhlmasculine
fireside chairder Lehnstuhlmasculine
folding camp chairder Campingstuhlmasculine
folding chairder Klappstuhlmasculine
garden chairder Gartenstuhlmasculine
hairdresser’s chairder Frisierstuhlmasculine
high chairder Hochstuhlmasculine
kitchen chairder Küchenstuhlmasculine
lawn chairder Gartenstuhlmasculine
lounge chairder Clubsesselmasculine
office chairder Bürostuhlmasculine
operating chairder Operationsstuhlmasculine
padded chairder Polsterstuhlmasculine
potty-chairdas Töpfchenneuter
presidential chairder Präsidentenstuhlmasculine
rocking chairder Schaukelstuhlmasculine
stacking chairder Stapelstuhlmasculine
swivel chairder Drehstuhlmasculine
throneder Thronmasculine
toddler chairder Kinderstuhlmasculine
typists’s chairder Schreibmaschinenstuhlmasculine
wheelchairder Rollstuhlmasculine
wicker chairder Korbstuhlmasculine
wing chairder Ohrensesselmasculine
winged chairder Ohrensesselmasculine
wooden chairder Holzstuhlmasculine
garden chair in german: gartenstuhl
Gardenchair in German: Gartenstuhl — Image by Mikes-Photography from Pixabay

Other Words with Chair in German

English ExpressionsGerman TranslationsGender
chair canerder Stuhlflechtermasculine
chair liftder Sesselliftmasculine
chair raildie Stuhlschienefeminine
chairmander Vorsitzendemasculine
matching chairpassender Stuhlmasculine
self-propelling chairder Selbstfahrermasculine

Example Sentences

  • Er saß auf einem weißen Gartenstuhl an seinem liebsten Platz, unter der großen Eiche. — He sat on a white garden chair in his favorite place, under the big oak tree.
  • Nachdem sie das Restaurant geschlossen hatte, begann sie damit die Stühle auf die Tische zu stellen, um den Boden zu wischen. — After closing the restaurant, she started putting the chairs on the tables to mop the floor.

German Sayings with Chair or Sitting

  • zwischen zwei Stühlen sitzen — to be caught between two stools / to be caught between a rock and a hard place (American English)
  • Zaungast bleiben — to sit on the fence