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german for kitchen appliance: die küchengeräte

Kitchen Appliances in German – German Vocabulary 101


It is amazing how many helpful devices we invented for the kitchen in the last 100 years. Just think about it: our grandmas didn’t have dishwashers, tumble dryers or dough mixers. Let alone microwaves. They had to spend much more time in the kitchen, preparing meals, doing the dishes or even making coffee.

So we should feel grateful for the wonderful inventions which made our life much easier. And today we are going to use that time spared to learn some German and look at kitchen appliances in German.

We included all the electrical and mechanical gadgets you are likely to find in a german kitchen, so we compiled quite a list for you. So open that fridge, get yourself a cool soft drink and enjoy some german kitchen vocabulary.

The German word for kitchen appliances is Küchengeräte (die, plural) (singular: das Küchengerät, n.).
fridge in German: der kühlschrank
The fridge in German: der Kühlschrank — Image by difisher from Pixabay

Words for Kitchen Appliances in German

No good kitchen is complete without a number of helpful appliances. So let’s look at the vocabulary for kitchen appliances (or, in German: “die Küchengeräte“).

English ExpressionsGerman TranslationsGender
blenderder Mixermasculine
can openerder Dosenöffnermasculine
chest freezerdie Gefriertruhefeminine
coffee makerdie Kaffeemaschinefeminine
cookerder Herdmasculine
dishwasherder Geschirrspülermasculine
dough mixerdie Teigknetmaschinefeminine
egg cookerder Eierkochermasculine
electric cookerder Elektroherdmasculine
electric stoveder Elektroherdmasculine
fridgeder Kühlschrankmasculine
gas cooker (British English)der Gasherdmasculine
gas stoveder Gasherdmasculine
laundry dryerder Wäschetrocknermasculine
microwavedie Mikrowellefeminine
pasta makerdie Nudelmaschinefeminine
range (British English)der Herdmasculine
refrigeratorder Kühlschrankmasculine
stove (American English)der Herdmasculine
toasterder Toastermasculine
tumble dryerder Wäschetrocknermasculine
upright freezerder Gefrierschrankmasculine
waffle irondas Waffeleisenneuter
washing machinedie Waschmaschinefeminine
kitchen appliances in german - der herd
The Stove – der Herd — Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Example Sentences with Kitchen Appliances in German

  • Lass nicht immer die Kühlschranktür offen stehen, das kostet unnötig Strom! — Don’t always leave the refrigerator door open, it costs unnecessary electricity!
  • Mein Geschirrspüler ist am Wochenende kaputt gegangen und meine ganze Küche stand unter Wasser. — My dishwasher broke over the weekend and my whole kitchen was under water.
  • Ganz hinten im Schrank habe ich ein altes Waffeleisen gefunden. Das haben wir schon ewig nicht mehr benutzt. — At the very back of the cupboard I found an old waffle iron. We haven’t used that for ages.
  • Ich liebe frische Pasta, deshalb habe ich mir eine Nudelmaschine gekauft. — I love fresh pasta, so I got myself a pasta machine.
  • Ich fürchte, mein Wäschetrockner macht es nicht mehr lange. Der macht immer so komische Geräusche, wenn er läuft. — I’m afraid my tumble dryer won’t last much longer. It constantly makes such weird noises when it’s on.