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cute pet names for girlfriend

Discover 20 cute Pet Names for Girlfriend from other Languages

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It’s early February and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner there is a sense of love in the air. So besides chocolates, cards and a few kisses, what can you get your girlfriend on this special day? How about a new name for your darling? We’ve put together a list of cute pet names for girlfriend in other languages. It’s a good mix of flattering names, cute and funny ones. So you shouldn’t have any difficulties in finding a new pet name for your girlfriend.

But don’t just throw it at her the moment she opens the door. Wait for the right occasion, e.g. when cuddling up on the couch. Or use it in a card you send her. If she doesn’t know the meaning, she will have to look it up. And these little moments of suspense will just add to the pleasure once she finds out.

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Cute Pet Names for Girlfriend in French

French men have a reputation of being very romantic. And it’s true, they like to flirt a lot and they often compliment the women around them. That doesn’t always mean they are seriously interested in a relationship with them, it’s just their way.

Now, handing out pet names like crazy isn’t everybody’s style nor is it necessary. But you can still learn from the French and borrow one of their nicknames to address your girlfriend.

  1. Mon Amour – My Love
    Yes, you’ve heard it before and in French it’s as common as “darling” in English. But it also combines tenderness with a certain elegance in a way only the French language provides. In the right moment, whisper it into you girlfriend’s ear and see how she reacts.
  2. Ma Biche – My Roe Deer
    Most girls love Bambi, so why not use it as her new nickname. Just make sure you get the pronunciation right, or she could misunderstand you terribly!
  3. Mon Coeur – My Heart
    “My heart” is a classic pet name in many languages. But in none of them it sounds as elegantly as in French.
  4. Minou – Kitten
    Kitten are another girl’s favorite. And honestly, who can resist these funny little fur balls? Minou is a lovely nickname in French and certainly an unusual one in English. And most girls will melt away when you explain it to them.
  5. Petit Chou – Little Cabbage
    OK, it might need a woman with a good sense of humor to appreciate this nickname. But it’s really quite common in France to address someone close to you as “little cabbage.” And if your girlfriend is from France, she will appreciate it even more.

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Cute Pet Names for Girlfriend in German

Germans are often seen as rather formal and and purpose-driven. There may be a grain of truth in this as far as work is concerned. But in private, Germans can be romantic and loving as well. And German men have just as large a repertoire of pet names for their girlfriends as men in other parts of the world.

You can alter any of the pet names below by preceding it with “meine”, which is the female form of “my” in the German language.

cute pet names for girlfriend in german
Image by Alexey Klen from Pixabay
  1. Augenstern – Eye Star
    I agree, the literal translation sounds rather odd. But “Augenstern” used to be a poetic way of describing the bright eyes of someone (usually a girl). And then it became an expression to describe the whole shiny person. So is your girlfriend a star in your eyes? Well, you can let her know in German now.
  2. Elfe – Elf
    OK, my image of an “elf” is probably influenced by “Lord of the Rings.” But a tender girl with long, blonde hair comes pretty close to the image in my head.
  3. Engel – Angel
    If you think your girlfriend is rather a heavenly creature than a mystical one, you could use the German word for angel as nickname for her.
    Note: If you wanted to say “my angel”, you would say “mein Engel” in German, not “meine Engel.” That is so because the word “Engel” is always masculine in German, even if you use it to address a girl.
  4. Sonnenschein – Sunshine
    A very apt name when you want to let your gf know she really brightens up your day. Now, who wouldn’t like to hear that?
    Note: Just as with “Engel”, “Sonnenschein” is also a masculine word in German. So you would say “mein Sonnenschein” (my sunshine), not “meine Sonnenschein”.
  5. Zimtschnecke – Cinnamon Roll
    A Zimtschnecke is a sweet pastry with cinnamon, popular in Northern Germany and Scandinavia. Very much like a cinnamon roll. So if your gf has a sweet tooth, this name would suit her well.

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Cute Pet Names for Girlfriend in Italian

cute pet names for girlfriend in italian
Image by Aleš Kartal from Pixabay
  1. Bella – Beautiful
    Every woman loves to hear you think she is attractive. So “bella” might not win a prize for originality, but it can still win her heart.
  2. Cara mia – my Dear
    Again, probably not the most innovative nickname. But the Italian version has a certain zing to it and it’s easy to pronounce.
  3. Coniglietta dolce – sweet Bunny Rabbit
    Back into the animal kingdom. Bunnies are fluffy and cuddly, so why not use it as her new nickname? Just don’t tell her you chose the name because of her ears…
  4. Stellina – little Star
    “How was heaven when you left it?” probably won’t work well anymore as a pickup line. But calling your gf “stellina,” now that could be another story!
  5. Tesorina – little Treasure
    Reserved for the one girl that is really precious to you!

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Cute Pet Names for Girlfriend in Spanish

cute pet names for girlfriend in spanish
Image by Ben Faist from Pixabay
  1. Bomboncita – Little Candy
    “Bombon” means “candy” in Spanish and the “cita” at the end is the diminutive form. So when your girl is a “little sweetie,” this would indeed be a very sweet(!) pet name for her.
  2. Cariño – Darling
    Means about the same as “darling” in English. I like the sound of it and you girl might feel the same.
  3. Mi Corazon – my Heart
    The expression “my heart” seems to be included in the list of nicknames in most languages. But in Spanish it certainly has the most “grandeza!”
  4. Mariposa – Butterfly
    “Mariposa” translates as “butterfly.” An apt pet name if your girlfriend is both tender and beautiful. Or if she simply loves butterflies.
  5. Pollito – Little Chicken
    When the Spanish men call their girlfriend “pollito“, it doesn’t have quite the same meaning as “chick” in English. It means she is cute and adorable.

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So, these where our cute pet names for girlfriend from other languages. Hopefully you found one (or several) you would like to try on your girlfriend.

Don’t try to force it onto her, though. If she doesn’t like it, don’t use it again. Be flexible and come back here to look for an alternative.