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The Months and Seasons in Italian


As you’re interested in the Italian language, you probably will have heard of Antonio Vivaldi. And even if the name means nothing to you, you will have listened to some of his music.
Vivaldi was an Italian priest and lived from 1678 to 1741. But besides his priesthood, he also worked as a musician and music teacher, and eventually became one of the most renowned and composers of his time. He wrote about 500 concerts, 241 of them for the violin. Everyone in Italy knows Vivaldi, so it might be worthwhile to listen to some of his music to have some basic knowledge before you visit the country.
By now, you might be asking yourself, why is this guy writing about an Italian composer as this article is clearly titled “The Months and Seasons in Italian?”
It’s because of his best-known piece, The Four Seasons. That’s a set of four violin concerts, each of them about a single season. So there’s a piece for spring, summer, autumn, and winter. If you haven’t heard it, you should give it a try. Even if classical music isn’t your favorite genre, this truly is a masterpiece! You will find some links to YouTube videos at the end of this article.

But for now let’s get back to our vocabulary and the months and seasons in Italian.

Table of Contents

Months in Italian

Did you know that the names of most months in English stem from their original names in Latin? And as the Italian language itself also derives from Latin, you will spot a resemblance between the Italian and English names for the individual months. Maybe not so much in the written form, but if you try to pronounce the months in Italian, you can hear the similarities.


Seasons in Italian


The Italian translation of “the four seasons” is “le quattro stagioni”. So, even if you don’t know Vivaldis concerts, you might know the expression “quattro stagioni” from your favorite pizza restaurant. It’s the name for a pizza with four sections, each of them covered with other toppings representing a different season of the year. There’s usually artichokes for spring, tomatoes with basil representing the summer, mushrooms for autumn, and ham and olives on the section for winter.

pizza quattro stagioni or four seasons in italian
The Pizza Quattro Stagioni (four seasons in Italian) consist of four different sections, each representing a season of the year.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Dates in Italian

While we are at it, we might also throw in some more vocabulary related to dates in Italian.

WeekdayGiorno feriale
Leap yearAnno bisestile

Holidays in Italian

The catholic faith is the predominant religion in Italy. 80% of Italians are catholic. So many of the holidays in Italy are related to the church. But there are also other official holidays, like the “Anniversario della liberazione d’Italia”. On this day Italy remembers the liberation of the country from the German occupation at the end of the Second World War.

01. JanNew YearCapodanno
06. JanEpiphanyEpifania
Good FridayVenerdì Santo
Easter SundayDomenica di Pasqua
Easter MondayLunedì di Pasqua
25. AprLiberation DayAnniversario della liberazione d’Italia
01. MayLabour DayFesta del Lavoro
02. JunRepublic DayFesta della Repubblica
15. AugAssumption of MaryAssunzione di Maria
01. NovAll Saints’ DayOgnissanti
08. DecImmaculate ConceptionImmacolata Concezione
24.-26. DecChristmasNatale
24. DecChristmas EveVigilia di Natale
25. DecChristmas DayIl giorno di Natale
26. DecBoxing DayGiorno di Santo Stefano

The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi

And last but not least, here are the links to the Four Seasons videos I promised. Probably the best known is the Spring concert. And I’m not ashamed to confess, it’s also my favorite! 😉 Enjoy!

Spring – La Primavera
Summer – L’Estate
Autumn – Autunno
Winter – L’Inverno
In case you want to play along, hear some tips from Alana Youssefian.