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good morning gorgeous in spanish

How to say Good Morning Beautiful in Spanish

What better way to start the day than to wake up next to the person you love? And of course, you should tell that person how special she or he is to you. So, why not start with a kiss and a compliment? Women and men both like to be complimented and communication is key to a happy relationship. So, all you tough guys out there: Let the woman (or man) next to you know how you feel! And if it’s the weekend and you don’t have to rush to work: How about preparing a lovely breakfast table? With flowers even? Did anyone mention champagne?

breakfast for lovers
Spoil the love of your live and prepare the breakfast table. — Image by Tony Flood from Pixabay

Phrases for Good Morning Beautiful in Spanish (feminine)

When you want to wish someone a good day in Spanish, you’d say “buen día.” But when it is early in the day and you want to wish a good morning, you always use the plural form “buenas días.”

So, what could you say when your beloved is a woman?

  • Buenos días, guapa — Good morning beautiful
  • Buenos días, hermosa — Good morning gorgeous
  • Buenos días, preciosa — Good morning precious
  • Buenos días, bella — Good morning beauty

Phrases for Good Morning Beautiful in Spanish (masculine)

In case you want to compliment a man, the phrases differ slightly as the adjective has a different ending in Spanish depending on the gender.

  • Buenos días, guapo — Good morning beautiful
  • Buenos días, hermoso — Good morning handsome
  • Buenos días, precioso — Good morning precious
  • Buenos días, bello — Good morning beauty
buenos días, hermosa - good morning beautiful in spanish
Love knows no age – Buenos días, hermosa – Good morning beautiful in Spanish— Image by Brandon Roberts from Pixabay

How to reply

In case you are the lucky one who received such a great morning greeting – how should you respond? Well, you can either use any of the phrases above which will also work as answers.

Or you could use one of these expressions:

  • Que dulce de tu parte, te amo — How sweet of you, I love you
  • Yo también te deseo una hermosa mañana — I also wish you a beautiful morning
  • Cada mañana que despierto a tu lado es una hermosa mañana — Every morning I wake up next to you is a beautiful morning
  • Tengo la sensación de que hoy va a ser un gran día, teniendo en cuenta cómo empezó — I have a feeling today is going to be a great day, considering how it started out

Of course, instead of using words, you can also just lean over and reward your lover with a kiss and a few cuddles. Which might be even more welcome.