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positive words starting with v

Positive Words that start with V – 48 vibrant Words of Virtue


Another episode of our series on positive words. This time the letter is V, so we will talk about positive adjectives, verbs and nouns beginning with V. In other words: positive words that start with V.

Positive words are words that evoke positive emotions. They can be used in any setting and for any type of audience.

Positive words are the opposite of negative words. Negative words usually evoke bad feelings or emotions, while positive words usually evoke good feelings or emotions.

Positive thoughts are essential to a happy life. They make people feel good, and they can be contagious.

A positive attitude has been proven to increase productivity, improve relationships, and promote healing in many aspects of one’s life.

So let’s start with our list of positive words that start with the letter V and let’s get vivid, vibrant and venturesome!

Table of Contents

Positive Words that start with V

positive words beginning with the letter v: vibrant
Positive words beginning with the letter V: A vibrant carnival costume. — Image by 489327 from Pixabay
Term Meaning Synonyms Category
V-Signforming your index and middle finger in the shape of a V for victory, made famous by Winston Churchillnoun
Vacationtime spent away from home for recreationbreak, holiday, leavenoun
Valentine’s DayFeb 14, celebrated as the day of loversSt. Valentine’s Daynoun
Valiantacting with bravenessbold, brave, courageous,adjective
Validlegal, sound or generally acceptedappropriate, correct, soundadjective
Validateto scrutinize the worthiness or legitimacy of authenticate, to certify, to verifyverb
Validatedapproved or acknowledgedaccepted, eligible, recognizedadjective
Valorbravory or couragefearlessness, gutsiness, intrepiditynoun
Valorizeto increase the value of enhance, to upvalueverb
Valorousbold, bravecourageous, gutsy, lionheartedadjective

Many positive Words that start with V

Term Meaning Synonyms Category
Valuablehaving a monetary valueexpensive, precious, priceyadjective
Valuethe worth or importance of sth.price, worthnoun
Valuedbeing worthful or precious to someonecherished, loved, treasuredadjective
Venerabledeserving respect due to age or experiencehallowed, reveredadjective
Venturea risky enterpriselong shot, speculationnoun
Veracioushonest, truthfulaccurate, honest, truthfuladjective
Veraciousnesstruthfulnesshonesty, integrity, truth-lovingnoun
Versatileuseful for many different purposesadaptable, general-purpose, universaladjective
Verifyto establish the correctness of somethingauthenticate, certify, validateverb
Verveof great drive or momentumpanache, pizzazz, zipnoun

More positive Words that start with V

positive words beginning with v - vivid
Positive words beginning with V: Hummingbirds are very vivid. — Image by D Mz from Pixabay
Term Meaning Synonyms Category
Viablesth. doable or practicalactionable, feasible, realizableadjective
Vibrancywith lots of energy or activityexuberance, liveliness, vitalitynoun
Vibrantdynamic and livelyabuzz, bustling, thrivingadjective
Victorioushaving won a conflict or sports eventtriumphant, winningadjective
Victorya win over an opponenttriumph, winnoun
Vigilancestate of being watchfulalertness, watchfulnessnoun
Vigilantbeing alert or watchfulattentive, open-eyedadjective
Vigormental or physical strengthagility, energy, vitalitynoun
Vigorousbeing mentally or physically strongenergetic, robust, vitaladjective
VIPvery important personcelebrity, icon, starnoun

Positive Words that start with the letter V

positive words that start with v - victory
Positive words that start with v – Victory — Image by Peter Fischer from Pixabay
Term Meaning Synonyms Category
Virtuea worthful quality of sth.character, righteousness, virtuousnessnoun
Virtuosityoutstanding skill shown by a performermastership, expertise, skillsnoun
Virtuosowith great skillfulnessartful, expert, masterfuladjective
Virtuouswith a high morale or virtuehonest, righteous, uprightadjective
Visionaryhaving bold ideas for the futureidealistic, utopianadjective
Visittime spent as a gueststay, sleepovernoun
Visualizeto form a picture before your inner eyeenvisage, imagineverb
Vitalimportant or essentialcritical, crucial, necessaryadverb
Vitalityhaving a great deal of activityexuberance, liveliness, vibrancenoun
Vitalizeto enliven animate, to energize, to stimulateverb

Even more Positive Words that start with V

Term Meaning Synonyms Category
Vivaciouslively, spritelycrouse, poppingadjective
Vividgiven a lively picture of sth.graphic, picturesqueadjective
Vividlyanimated, livelygraphically, plasticallyadverb
Vivifyto give life or energy to somethingto enliven, to stimulate, to vitalizeverb
Vocalizeto sing or to express verballyto sing, to verbalizeverb
Vocationan activity for which one has a special talentcalling, professionnoun
Volunteera person doing work by their own accordenlisteenoun
Voluptuouslush, pleasing the sensescopious, exuberant, sensualadjective

Example Sentences for Positive Words that start with V

The real value of something can’t always be measured in money.

These flowers have a vibrant color! They make you garden look really vivid!

The fireman’s vigilance saved many lives during the fire.

He could imagine his life as a child back in Scotland vividly.

She had the most valuable collection of antiques!

So, that was our list of positive words that start with the letter V. Next in the series will be a list of positive words that start with U.