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Bed in German – German Vocabulary 101


We spend almost a third of our live in bed. So the bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture and you should choose one that’s both robust and comfortable. So let’s take a look at the German word for bed and other items in the bedroom.

Different Kinds of Bed in German

The German word for bed is “das Bett” (Plural: die Betten).

English ExpressionsGerman TranslationsGender
beddas Bettneuter
box-springdas Boxspringbettneuter
double beddas Doppelbettneuter
foldaway beddas Klappbettneuter
four-poster beddas Himmelbettneuter
futonder Futonmasculine
hospital beddas Krankenhausbettneuter

Example Sentences

Ich habe nur Platz für ein Klappbett in meiner Einzimmer-Wohnung. — I only have room for a folding bed in my studio apartment.

Als kleines Mädchen habe ich mir immer ein Himmelbett gewünscht. — When I was a little girl, I always wished for a four-poster bed.

Double bed in German: Doppelbett
Double bed in German: Doppelbett — Image by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay

A bed frame alone wouldn’t be very comfortable. It’s all the soft things on it which make staying in bed so irresistible.

English ExpressionsGerman TranslationsGender
bed curtainder Bettvorhangmasculine
bed linendie Bettwäschefeminine
bed sheetdas Bettlakenneuter
bedpostder Bettpfostenmasculine
bedspreaddie Tagesdeckefeminine
bedspreadder Bettüberwurfmasculine
blanketdie Deckefeminine
comforter (American English)die Bettdeckefeminine
comforter cover (American English)der Bettbezugmasculine
duvetdie Bettdeckefeminine
headboarddas Kopfteilneuter
mattressdie Matratzefeminine
mattress protectorder Matratzenschonermasculine
mattress topperdie Matratzenauflagefeminine
overbeddas Überbettneuter
pillowdas Kopfkissenneuter
side sleeper pillowdas Seitenschläferkissenneuter
slatted frameder Lattenrostmasculine

Example Sentences

Ich brauche eine wärmere Bettdecke für den Winter. — I need a warmer blanket for the winter.

Meine neue Matratze ist mir zu hart. — My new mattress is too hard for me.

Types of Mattresses in German

How you lie on a bed not only depends on the soft pillows and duvets, but very much also on the kind of mattress you use. Some people like them soft, while others prefer a harder mattress. And then there’s different kinds of mattress.

English ExpressionsGerman TranslationsGender
foam mattressdie Schaumstoffmatratzefeminine
futonder Futonmasculine
latex mattressdie Latexmatratzefeminine
memory foam mattressdie Memoryschaum-Matratzefeminine
spring mattressdie Federkernmatratzefeminine

Example Sentences

Seit ich eine Memoryschaum-Matratze habe, schlafe ich wie auf Wolken! — Since I got a memory foam mattress, I sleep like on clouds!

Cover Fabric in German

Let us look at the textiles that can be used for linen in German.

English ExpressionsGerman WordsGender
bambooder Bambusmasculine
cottondie Baumwollefeminine
flannelder Flanellmasculine
jerseyder Jerseymasculine
linendas Leinenneuter
maco satinder Makosatinmasculine
microfiberdie Mikrofaserfeminine
new wooldie Schurwollefeminine
satinder Satinmasculine
seersuckerder Seersuckermasculine
silkdie Seidefeminine
synthetic fiberdie Kunstfaserfeminine

Example Sentences

Ich bin allergisch gegen Schurwolle. — I am allergic to new wool.

Am liebsten schlafe ich in Leinen-Bettwäsche. — I prefer to sleep in linen bedding.

Pillow Filling Material in German

English ExpressionsGerman WordsGender
feathersdie Federnfeminine
downdie Daunenfeminine
memory foamder Memoryschaummasculine
polyesterdas Polyesterneuter
goose downdie Gänsedaunenfeminine
duck downdie Entendaunenfeminine

Example Sentences

Ich mag Daunen in meinen Kissen, aber manche Menschen sind allergisch und bevorzugen Polyester. — I like down in my pillows, but some people are allergic and prefer polyester.


You just learned the translation of bed in German and a whole lot more. So, how about a little nap?