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positive words that start with the letter x

Positive Words that start with X – 15 Words for more Sanguinity


Another part in our series on positive words. Today’s letter is X, so we will talk about positive words that start with x. But before we get to these, let’s take a look at the power of positive thoughts. Because how happy and successful you are depends to a large amount on the quality of your thoughts.

Buddha already said:

“We are what we think. Everything we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts we shape the world.”

The Buddha

One reason for this is that our thoughts have an enormous influence on our feelings.

How you mentally evaluate a situation massively affects how you feel. To simplify:

Positive thoughts = Positive feelings
Negative thoughts = Negative feelings

While the equation is a little more complex, it is generally valid. It means that the more positive thoughts you have the better, the more motivated and happier you usually feel. Reading negative news all day on your smartphone on the other hand can make you feel lonely, fearful or even stimulate feelings of hatred. I don’t mean you shouldn’t watch the news and stay informed what’s going on in the world. You absolutely should! But some people tend to overdo it and start reading negative article after negative article, bringing themselves into a spiral of negativity. There’s a term that has been coined for this kind of behavior, it is called “doom scrolling.”

That’s why we should all try to think and speak more positive. It does have a healthy effect and makes you feel better.

So let’s start with a list of positive words that start with the letter x. There aren’t as many as with other letters, but that shouldn’t be surprising considering not that many words start with an x anyway.

Positive Words that start with X

positive words that start with x - xoxo
XOXO means hugs and kisses
Term X factor
Meaninghaving an undefined quality which makes someone or something fascinating
Synonymsje ne sais quoi
Term Xanadu
Meaninga luxurious mansion or estate
Term xanthic
Meaningyellow or yellowish
Term xenium
Meaninga present (usually food) given to guests in ancient Rome and Greece
Synonymshost gift, present
Term xenodochium
Meaninga guesthouse in a catholic monastery
Synonymsguesthouse, inn

More Positive Words that start with X

Term xenoglossia
Meaningthe (claimed) ability of a medium to speak a language otherwise unfamiliar with
Term xenomania
Meaningextreme passion for foreign customs and cultures
Term xenophile
Meaninga person who likes foreign people and cultures
Term xenophilia
Meaningadmiration of anything belonging to foreign cultures
Term xerophilous
Meaningplants and animals able to survive with very low water

Positive Words that start with the letter X

Term Xipe
Meaningthe Aztec god of farming
Term xoanon
Meaningstatue of a god or goddess carved out of wood
MeaningInternet acronym meaning “hugs and kisses”
Synonymshugs and kisses, with love
Term xylophone
Meaningmusical instrument consisting of wooden bars
Term xyst
Meaninga garden walk lined with trees

Example Sentences for Positive Words that start with X

“That boy group’s singer had that certain X factor!”

Peter likes to travel to foreign countries, he’s a real xenophile!

Have you ever been to his house? It’s a real Xanadu!

Their six year old plays the xylophone really well!

In Greece I went to see a lovely garden and walked along a beautiful xyst.

So, that was our list of positive words that start with the letter X. Next in the series will be positive words that start with W.