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books on language learning

Our 10 Recommended Books on Language Learning

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Today, I decided to post some of my favorite books on language learning. If you’re interested in languages, reading these books is definitely worthwhile.

  1. The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast
    Written by a a U.S. Army Green Beret, who is often send to other countries across the globe and developed his own method for learning foreign languages quickly.
  2. The Third Ear
    The author, Chris Lonsdale, suggests you stop learning a new language sequentially like in many traditional approaches. Instead focus on a few key sentences, and a small number of basic words. And then start talking to people!
  3. Language is Music
    This book gives you over 100 simple tips to make learning any language fun. You can use things you do anyway, such as listening to music or surfing the Web, and thus enhance your understanding of a new language. In addition to this, Susanna Zaraysky shares over 100 free or low-cost Internet resources, which will help you.
  4. Speak Like a Native
    Includes the author’s own 12-step process for accelerating your learning, the 10 rules for establishing and achieving your language learning goals, and 50 proven tips to speak any language like a native.
  5. How To Learn Any Language
    I dare say a classic among the books on language learning.
    Barry Farber explains in detail why classroom language learning just doesn’t work. Instead he teaches you how to make best use of several tools (grammar book, language dictionary, audio course, etc), in order to make language learning a lot less boring than simple memorization of vocabulary or grammar.
    General good advice, but unfortunately a bit outdated for today’s Internet world.
  6. Babel No More
    Michael Erard visits language superlearners and explores their mental powers. He explores the upper limits of our ability to learn and use languages and how some people were able to escape the curse of Babel.
  7. The Pocket Linguist
  8. Why You Need a Foreign Language & How to Learn One
  9. Accelerated Fluency
  10. How Languages Are Learned

Want more?

Check out the current bestsellers in the lingustics books on Amazon for more books on language learning.