How do you say Please in Germany?

The easiest, purest and yet most elegant form to ask others for assistance is by using the word “please.” So today we examine how to say Please in Germany.

sehr gut

How do you say Very Good in German?

In English we have a number of words and phrases to express praise and appreciation. But how do you say Very Good in German? Luckily, it’s not too difficult!

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Seasons, Months and Weekdays in German

Calendar related dates are always among the first things to learn in a new language. So let’s look at the names of the seasons, months and weekdays in German.

great german words reinheitsgebot

9 Great German Words Used In English Today

We are going to explore Great German Words used in English up until today. The clever Germans came up with some quite unique expressions we simply copied from them.

How to say Good Night in German

Wishing friends a good night shows them you care. And if your friend is German? Well, make your wish even nicer by wishing them a good night in German!

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Over 60 Popular German Male Dog Names

Looking for a name for your puppy? Just look at our list of German male dog names with meanings. Well suited for German dog breeds or owners with German origin.

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40+ Love Words in German for Romantics

We continue our mini series of love themed articles for Valentine’s Day with “Love Words in German.” Who said Germans can’t be romantic?