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italian cuss words to send off 2020

20 Uncensored Italian Cuss Words to see off 2020


OK, I guess the year 2020 has been a tough one for most of us. Of course, this corona crisis also brought some positive things. I was really impressed by the solidarity and compassion many people showed. But all in all it has been a rotten year. So today we are gonna learn some Italian cuss words to tell 2020 where to stick it – Italian style!

When you’re learning a new language, it’s important to be able to express yourself accurately, no matter what you’re feeling. This is also true during times when you’re angry, frustrated or otherwise upset. The words we’re going to take a look at today will help with expressing those feelings.

Before reading this list, it’s important to know that some of these words are derogatory in nature. These are swear words after all! Because of that, it’s important to know that some may be less intense and others more serious in nature. That said, read on and enjoy!

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Mild Italian Cuss Words

These Italian swear words are generally more suitable for situations in which you want to vent your anger without being obscene or too hurtful.

A fanabla

This is a great term to use when you’re frustrated and want someone to go away. It simply means “go to Hell”. After all, anyone who has heard of Hell knows it’s a place you don’t want to spend a great deal of time! Using this term can express that you’re not too happy with someone’s presence, and it can really show them that you don’t care where they hang out as long as it’s anywhere not near you!


This word is an ideal option if you want to keep it mild while still expressing your frustration pretty accurately. Do keep in mind that literally, it does refer to an actual bodily accident that can wind up in a person’s pants. However, for the purposes of translating it into English, it basically means “crap”. Just like in English, it’s an entry point into far more severe curse words.

Che cavolo

This is one of the more interesting phrases out there, because it literally means “what cabbage” in English. That said, it covers the idea of “what the heck” in terms of meaning.


This is another phrase that can be considered one of the lighter options among the Italian cuss words, though it does bring the name of a saint in a somewhat negative sense. Because of that, it may not be ideal for those who are more religious, but for anyone else it can work perfectly well. Essentially, this word comes with the connotation “oh, mother”.


What to say in the morning when you are supposed to go to work, but your car doesn’t start!? “Damn it” might be appropriate. Or likewise Maledetto in Italian.

Miseria ladra!

The “thieving misery” is the Italian equivalent of “darn” in English.

Porca miseria

When you’re frustrated, this is a term that is a little bit milder that can be used in public places without too much concern or judgement from others. Though literally, it may not make as much sense to those who don’t speak Italian as a first language, this phrase can essentially be taken to mean “dammit” as far as English speakers are concerned.

italian cuss words - porca miseria
Italian cuss words: Porca miseria! Miserable pig! — Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Porca vacca

If you’re looking for something that can express surprise or a smaller amount of frustration without offending anyone nearby, this phrase is the ideal one to use. Literally, it means “pig cow”, which may not make a lot of sense to non-Italians but for the purposes of English it can be considered to represent something along the lines of “holy cow”.

Strong Italian Cuss Words

The following swear words are heftier and more powerful than the ones above. You should probably avoid using them in the office or in front of your new Italian girlfriend’s parents. Basically avoid them anywhere where good impressions are crucial.


While this is an insult, it can be viewed as one that also offers a bit of an endearing aspect when used towards friends. As it may appear, the word means “bastard” in English. This might be a word you use in response to the teasing or pranks of a friend. It’s thought to be a kinder insult that can also show that you aren’t really angry with the friend. 


This is one of the few swear words that can really express what you’re feeling. In English, it pretty much means “I’m pissed”. This is a great way to directly state that you’re angry about something, without calling someone else a name or otherwise insulting them. Because of that, it’s an ideal option to turn to before you move on to harsher terms.


When someone accuses you of being a leccaculo, he means you are an ass-kisser or brown-noser.


Merda essentially means “crap” or “shit” in English.


This word is among the most commonly used swear words in Italy. In Sicily it would definitely be listed under the obscene section, as it is also a term for a specific part of the male body, if you get my drift. But in other parts of Italy you can consider it to cover the same kind of message as the word “shit” in English. The idea is to make sure to really emphasize the vowels to really get your frustration across well.


This is a word that is not one you’ll want to use too often, especially if you’re trying to befriend any Italian individuals. In English, it basically means “asshole”. You’ll also need to make sure you use the “o” or “a” ending depending on the gender of the person.

Obscene Italian Swear Words

italian cuss words
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The following Italian cuss words aren’t for the faint at heart. We are entering the area of swearing with sexual or otherwise obscene connotations. Be warned that these expressions can get you in trouble when used in the wrong circumstances!


In English, this is the king of all swear words. It essentially means “fuck”. In Italian, it’s an excellent way to show your frustration with a wide variety of things, such as trouble finding your way somewhere or other kinds of frustrating aspects of your travels. It’s great when paired with the proper expressions, hand motions and body language for the full message.


Football (or soccer) is big in Italy. And – as in any sport – referees are idiots, at least if their decisions are against your favorite team. Those are the times when you may hear a phrase like “L’arbitro è un tale cazzone!”, “The referee is such a prick!”


In general coglione are testicles, but the word is also often used as a derogative term, basically in the same sense as “asshole.”

Figlio di Puttana

This phrase is one you’ll use if you’re ready for a fight. It means “son of a bitch”. Though that phrase may be a more abstract one in English, Italians don’t take it lightly when you insult their mothers. Because of that, this isn’t a phrase that you’re going to want to throw around lightly, as it can anger many Italian people who you may be using it around.


As you will have guessed from “figlio di puttana” above, puttana alone means “slut” or “bitch.”


As far as this list goes, this is one of the more intense swear words out there. It’s definitely meant to be reserved for times when someone is extremely angry. In English, this essentially means “go fuck yourself”, which is a pretty serious phrase even in English. 


When it comes to using these kinds of Italian cuss words, it’s a good idea to make sure you not only know how to use them, but also when and where. If you aren’t careful, you could end up looking foolish at best and you may offend people at worst.