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german word for bathroom: badezimmer

Bathroom in German – German Vocabulary 101


For me, one of the things I enjoy most, is the shower after sports. You enter the shower all sweaty, tired and with tense muscles. And you leave it clean, relaxed and smelling good! Other people prefer a bath, which is fine as well. Either way, today we look at the translation for bathroom in German and all its interiors. Let’s jump in, while the water is still hot!

The German word for bathroom is "das Badezimmer" (Plural: die Badezimmer).

You can also use the word “Bad“, in the same multi-purpose way as in English. “Das Bad” can mean the bathroom, the bath in the bathtub or a public bath, like a Turkish Hamam. So, if you are referring to the actual room, “das Badezimmer” is the better term.

bathtub in german: Badewanne
Bathtub in German: die Badewanne — Image by PDImage from Pixabay

Bath Interior in German

Many items make up a bathroom. Here are the most obvious ones and their German translations.

English ExpressionsGerman TranslationsGender
bath matder Badvorlegermasculine
bathroom cabinetder Badezimmerschrankmasculine
bathroom scalesdie Badezimmerwaagefeminine
bathtubdie Badewannefeminine
bidetdas Bidetneuter
faucetder Wasserhahnmasculine
hand showerdie Handbrausefeminine
mirrorder Spiegelmasculine
plugder Stöpselmasculine
plungerder Pümpelmasculine
showerdie Duschefeminine
shower curtainder Duschvorhangmasculine
shower headder Duschkopfmasculine
tilesdie Fliesenfeminine
toiletdie Toilette / das Klofeminine / neuter
toweldas Handtuchneuter
towel railder Handtuchhaltermasculine
washbasindas Waschbeckenneuter
bathroom in german: das badezimmer
Washbasin in German: das Waschbecken — Image by Brett Hondow from Pixabay

Example Sentences

  • ein Bad nehmen / baden — to take a bath
  • Kannst du bitte die Badewanne saubermachen, nachdem du ein Bad genommen hast? — Can you please clean the bathtub after you have taken a bath?
  • Der Spiegel beschlägt immer, wenn ich eine heisse Dusche nehme. — The mirror always fogs up when I take a hot shower.
  • Entschuldigung, wo ist bitte das Badezimmer?Excuse me, where is the bathroom, please?

Grooming Utensils in German

Apart from all the items permanently installed in a bathroom, we also find a large number of gadgets we use for our daily cleaning and grooming rituals. Let’s look at the German words for these items.

English ExpressionsGerman TranslationsGender
combder Kammmasculine
cosmetic tissuedas Kosmetiktuchneuter
cotton swabdas Wattestäbchenneuter
electric toothbrushdie elektrische Zahnbürstefeminine
flossdie Zahnseidefeminine
hair dryerder Haartrockner / der Fönmasculine
hairbrushdie Haarbürstefeminine
interdental brushesdie Interdentalbürstenfeminine
lady shaverder Damenrasierermasculine
nail filedie Nagelfeilefeminine
nail scissorsdie Nagelscherefeminine
oral irrigatordie Mundduschefeminine
razorder Rasierermasculine
rubber duckydie Gummientefeminine
spongeder Schwammmasculine
toilet rolldas Toilettenpapier / das Klopapierneuter
toothbrushdie Zahnbürstefeminine

Example Sentences

  • Hast du die Zahnseide irgendwo gesehen? — Have you seen the floss anywhere?
  • Wir brauchen dringend neues Toilettenpapier, wir sind schon bei der letzten Rolle. — We desperately need new toilet paper, we are already on the last roll.
toiletries in german: toilettenartikel
Toiletries in German: Toilettenartikel — Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

Toiletries in German

In countless Hollywood movies of the 50s or 60s, men are amused by the number of creams, sprays and grooming oils that their wives have accumulated in the bathroom. In those days, the most a man needed was shaving soap and pomade.
Today, however, many men can easily keep up with the ladies. At least as far as the number of their grooming products is concerned.

English ExpressionsGerman TranslationsGender
after shavedas Rasierwasserneuter
bath saltsdas Badesalzneuter
beard oildas Bartölneuter
body lotiondie Körperlotionfeminine
bubble bathdas Schaumbadneuter
eau de toilettedas Eau de Toiletteneuter
hair conditionerdie Haarspülungfeminine
hairspraydas Haarsprayneuter
hand creamdie Handcremefeminine
lipstickder Lippenstiftmasculine
nourishing creamdie Pflegecremefeminine
perfumedas Parfümneuter
pomadedie Pomadefeminine
shampoodas Shampooneuter
shower geldas Duschgelneuter
soapdie Seifefeminine

Example Sentences

  • Ich habe schon wieder Shampoo in die Augen bekommen. Jetzt sind sie total rot! — I got shampoo in the eyes again. Now they are totally red!
  • Diese Seife kaufen wir nicht wieder, die riecht fürchterlich muffig. — We will not buy this soap again, it smells terribly musty.

Sayings with Bath / Bathroom in German

  • Das Kind mit dem Bade ausschütten. — Throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
  • Etwas ausbaden müssen — Meaning: having to pay for something
  • Er wurde als Kind zu heiß gebadet. — literal translation: He was bathed too hot as a child.
    Meaning: He is acting weird or stupid.
  • ein Warmduscher sein — literal translation: being a luke-warm showerer
    Meaning: to have no guts