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positive words that start with the letter z

Positive Words that start with Z – 24 Zany and Zippy Words for Optimism


Welcome to our new mini series on positive words. We will start with the last letter of the alphabet, that is we will begin with positive words that start with Z. So we will talk about positive adjectives, verbs and nouns beginning with Z.

Why do we publish this now? Because even after one whole year, the corona pandemic is still a threat for many of us. And many people suffer badly. Some have been infected and are still struggling because of health issues. Others lost their loved ones to Covid. Many people lost their jobs or have not enough income anymore to make ends meet. And the vast majority suffers from being isolated.

And while in the beginning of the crisis there was much solidarity and a general feeling of “we will overcome this together,” the tone in press, media and online has become far less friendly. It’s not so much “how can we help each other” anymore. Instead there is much more of “who’s to blame, who made which mistakes?”

Positive Words that start with Z

Let’s kick off our list of good words that start with z.

positive words that start with z: to zap
Feel a zest for life! – Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay
Term Category Meaning Synonyms
zaddiknounholy man, teacheradmor, rebbe, sadiq
zaftigadjectivejuicy, chubby, full bosomedlush, lusty, plump
zanyadjectiveludicrously comical, funnybizarre,
humorous, strange
zapnoundrive, swingverve, pizzazz
to zapverbto move speedilyto dash, to jet, to race
zappyadjectivestimulatingarousing, encouraging
zealnoundevotionenthusiasm, passion
zealousadjectiveardent, with great devotionavid, keen, enthusiastic
zealouslyadverbpassionateavidly, keenly, enthusiastically

Positive Words that start with Z

More good z words for you to enjoy.

Term Category Meaning Synonyms
Zennouna Japanese variety of Buddhism
zestnounexcitement of sth.enthusiasm, passion
zestfuladjectivekeen on sth.lively, energetic
zestfullyadverbwith great passionenthusiastically, passionate
zestyadjectivefull of zestspicy, energetic
zillionnounan unspecified, very large numberenormous, vast
zingnounvitality / high pitched soundpep, flair
to zingverbto make a buzzing soundto buzz, to shriek

Positive Words that start with Z

Who would have thought there are so many good words starting with z in English?

positive words starting with z
Be zingy and zippy – think positive! — Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay
Term Category Meaning Synonyms
zingernounamusing remarkdig
zingyadjectivefull of livepeppy, upbeat
zipnounhaving a lot of energyswing, vigour
zippyadjectivelively, full of energylively, vivacious
to zoomverbto move quicklyto race, to rise
zootyadjectivestylish, fashionable (in the style of a 1940s zoot suit)flashy, showy
zowieinterjectionold-fashioned expression of positive surpriseawesome, splendid, wow

Example Sentences for Positive Words beginning with Z

Here are some sentences containing kind words that start with z.

His zany remark brought him the attention he had hoped for.

When our dog chased after the postman he did it with a lot of zip.

Seeing him zoom across the basketball field after the rebound was spectacular!

She wore a zooty dress which really made her stand out from the crowd.

His zesty music always makes me dance.

His eyes were drawn towards the zaftig blonde singer on stage.

So, that was our list of positive words that start with the letter z. Next in the series will be positive words that start with y.