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bad words in spanish

30+ Bad Words in Spanish – wonderfully wicked

Every country has its set of vulgar language phrases, and you will encounter them in daily life. The Spanish language has a rich vocabulary of cursing phrases and swear words, and incorporating them into your casual conversations with friends can make your chats more lively and creative.

In this article, we will share with you bad words in Spanish, mainly swear words and curses. However, we would wish to caution that if you are easily offended by vulgar terms or you are a minor; then you better stay away from this post. Some of the words here – in fact, most of them – can be offensive to some people. This whole article, starting from this point, has explicit language.

For those of you who are not easily offended by vulgar terms, keep reading to learn some Spanish swear words.

Before we narrow down to this list of curse words in Spanish language, here are a few reminders;

  • It is essential to learn the words and understand where you can use them appropriately; however, use them sparingly. Otherwise, you would be in for trouble if you use them in the wrong settings.
  • Just like anywhere in the world, cursing can be very insulting and offensive. However, when you use these words in your casual talks with friends, it can be fine and make your conversation funnier.
  • Learning about how Spanish people curse, can give you a peek into their minds and give you insights about what they find offensive.

With that in mind, lets now get into the real business of the day;

Table of Contents

Here are the 30 most common bad words in Spanish!

If you ever wondered how to say “Fuck you” in Spanish, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our list of the most common Spanish cuss words, swear words and rude phrases.

Spanish Swear Words and Phrases

  1. Fuck!
    Spanish Translation: Joder!
    This is the adost common curse word, and you will hear it most of the time when people are holding casual talks. Joder literally translates to “fuck!” Here is an example of how you can use it; “I forgot to bring my joysticks, Joder!” or “Joder! I missed out on the 6 PM bus.”
    This word is part and parcel of the daily life of a Spanish. It can also be used as a phrase that equates to “Fuck You!”- “QUE te Jodan.”
  2. Shit
    Spanish Translation: Mierda
    It is one of the most lightweight swear words in the Spanish language and can go with a lot of sentences as it makes a great combination with many phrases to create impact in a statement. An example of how to use it in English setting; “Man, this band is really the Mierda. Their music is dope.” Or “I loved Camila like Mierda.”
  3. I Shit on Everything That Moves
    Spanish Translation: Me cago en todo que se menea!
    This is one of my best Spanish swear phrases. Although long, it packs a punch and makes an enormous impact in a sentence. It is strangely not vulgar and can be translated to mean “fuck” or “shit” in Spanish. The phrase “Me cago en…” is a commonly used cuss and can be used with everything and anything that strikes your mind.
  4. Son of A Bitch
    Spanish Translation: Hijo de puta
    This phrase is used in the exact same settings as in English except that in the Spanish language it’s more common. Translated to the English swear word “son of a bitch,” Hijo de puta is mostly used to tease someone, primarily as an envious or sarcastic remark. An example in sentence form: “He just went for a world tour- Hijo de puta!” “Your brother bought a 65 inch Smart TV – Hijo de puta.”
  5. Cocks in Vinegar
    Spanish Translation: Pollas en vinagre
    This is probably the most complicated Spanish cuss word to track back and is perhaps the coolest one in Spanish. It is used to express disagreement in a discussion or argument.
    It is not a commonly used swear word, but if you pull this one out in an argument or discussion, people will be impressed and pleasantly surprised.
  6. Holy Fuck or The Host
    Spanish Translation: La hostia
    Yes, “holy fuck” and “the host” are two different things. The word “hostia” originates from Southern parts where it is used in communion to refer to “the host.” Since the Catholic Church dominates in Spain, incorporating this phrase in a sentence can be offensive especially to a profoundly religious person.
    However, among friends, you can use it in your conversation. It literally translates to “holy shit” or “holy fuck.”
  7. Fuck Off
    Spanish Translation: Que te den
    This phrase is used to express dissatisfaction. It is used when you are pissed off by someone. It merely means “Fuck you!”
  8. Fucking
    Mexican Spanish Translation: Pinche
    This is one of the most common Mexican Spanish cuss words used. It is the add-on word for almost every cuss word in Mexico. Pinche this, Pinche that.
    It offers a fun way to intensifying the meaning of your sentence and is similar to the way it is used in English.
  9. Fuck You/Off
    Spanish Translation: Que te Jodan
    This is another creative way of using joder, especially when you are expressing your anger to someone in particular. Just as you use it in English, this expression can also be used in lighter mood among close friends. However, tone matters and therefore you should know precisely how and when to use it.

Spanish Curse Words and Phrases

  1. What a bastard
    Spanish Translation: Qué Cabrón
    In reality, a “cabron” is a big male goat that has giant horns. There is an old Spanish saying that says, a man with a cheating wife is called a “cabron.” This is to mean; his horns are growing. This was the origin of the phrase “Qué Cabrón” – what a bastard! In Spanish setting, the phrase is often used to swear at others and is quite a mild cuss. It is often used in a sarcastic way instead of a real curse.
  2. Bullshit!
    Spanish Translation: Los Cojones
    The Spanish men, popularly known as “machotes”- macho men who take pride in their balls, love to show their manliness by adding the word “cojones” to their sentences. This phrase tends to equate to English word “Bullshit” and is used as a reply to someone who is trying to give crappy excuses. To reply to something that is pissing you off, you just say “Los cojones.” Remember in Spanish language “j” is pronounced as “hh” so you would respond by saying “los co-hho-nehs.”
  3. Fucking Good
    Spanish Translation: Puta madre
    This phrase can be used to curse and also used in a positive way. In a positive way, the expression can be used to describe how great something is. For instance, “The party was Puta madre.” It can also be used to express delight. For instance, “Real Madrid won the El-Clasico match! De puta madre!”
  4. Motherfucker
    Spanish Translation: La madre que te parió
    This is a frequently used curse by Spaniards. In fact, according to “City Life Madrid” it is in the Top 3 of Spanish cuss words, and literally translates to mean “the mother who gave birth to you.” It is used in the same way the English cuss words “motherfucker” or “son of a bitch” are used. An example of its usage in English would be, “The guy is a la madre que te parió! He took nine shots of Tequila without blinking.”
  5. Real Dumb Idiot
    Spanish Translation: Tonto del culo
    This is a slightly milder curse and translates to “a complete idiot.” Tonto is a stupid person. A tonto del pueblo is the village idiot. Culo is a bum. So “tonto del culo” is similar to “thick as shit.” It is used when you want to show how stupid or silly someone can be. The phrase can go with almost any occasion.
  6. A fucking lot of
    Spanish Translation: Un putero
    This is used to exaggerate or accentuate something you are trying to explain. An example, “The party had un putero people.”
  7. Don’t Fuck With Me
    Spanish Translation: No me jodas
    Use it as long as you are conversant with the Spanish indicative conjugation. It is used to warn someone not to mess with you. Just like Texas! 😉
  8. Stick It Up Your Ass
    Spanish Translation: Métetelo por el culo
    In Spanish, “meter” means insert. When conjugated for the second-person imperative, it becomes “métetelo.” And since you already know that culo means “rear,” the expression becomes easier to understand and use.
bad words in spanish - pendejo: stupid
A “tonto del culo” really is a complete idiot! — Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Spanish Insults

  1. Douchebag
    Spanish Translation: Gilipollas
    The word “Gilipollas” is normally used as a retorting cuss and is frequently used to refer to bastards. When someone teases you or pisses you off, you can call him a “Gilipollas.” The word is derived from the words “gilí,” which means “stupid,” and “polla,” which translates to “cock.” It’s not as vulgar as the direct English translation.
  2. Go and Get Fucked By a Fish
    Spanish Translation: Que te folle un pez
    Our list of Spanish cuss words wouldn’t be complete without this one. We are entering another deeper territory now, and this is where Spanish creativity and beauty comes into play. I mean, how do you even insult someone to this extent? You may need to practice pronouncing this phrase correctly and using it in appropriate settings. It is used in the same context as “screw you.” You can use it when you are incredibly pissed off by someone.
  3. Cunt
    Spanish Translation: Coño
    This is quite offensive, and you should be cautious who you use it on as it may land you in danger. Its usage in Spain is the same as in the English language.
  4. Stupid
    Spanish Translation: Pendejo
    This is a frequent word used in the Spanish language. It literally means “stupid” and has no direct reason of why it is used as a swear word.
    Typically, if used on someone, it is meant to call them a moron or imbecile. Often, friends will call each other “pendejo” for fun.
  5. Jerk or Asshole
    Spanish Translation: Capullo
    This is one is used in Spain more than anywhere else. Its meaning depends on the mood of the person using it. It can also mean cheeky, imbecile, daft, or merely annoying. When not used as an insult, capullo refers to a flower bud. — Really? What is the connection between a flower bud and a jerk? Well, whatever the similarities are, “capullo” is, in fact, a curse word. And so it clearly qualifies for our list of bad words in Spanish.
  6. Ass-face
    Spanish Translation: Cara de culo
    Wouldn’t it be fun to call someone an ass-face? Spanish has a creative way of doing that. The phrase is impactful and really powerful. In Spanish, “cara” means face, and – as we already established – “culo” is rear. So when you put the two together, you get a cursing word. No rocket science here. But a nice, figurative cuss word.
  7. Such an Ass
    Spanish Translation: Tonto del culo
    Since you are already familiar with what culo means, this shouldn’t be hard to comprehend. It is used to express disappointment or to look down on someone. For instance, “She is Tonto del culo if she failed you on your first date.”
  8. Don’t Be A Dick
    Spanish Translation: No seas gilipollas
    Gilipollas is a colorful piece of vulgarity in the Spanish language. Depending on where and how it is used, it could mean asshole, jerk, and everything in between. Ser translates to “to be.” Although this sounds like a cool Spanish curse phrase, I would strongly advise you not to use it on someone you are not super-close to.
  9. Slut
    Spanish Translation: Zorra
    Originally used to refer to a female fox, this word is commonly used to refer to a not-so-chase woman in Spain. Similar to the English word “bitch,” which means “female dog” as well as “prostitute.”
  10. Whore
    Spanish Translation: Puta
    Puta is the single most commonly used slang for a prostitute in Spain. You can pair it with “madre, ” and you have the phrase “puta madre” which translates to a son of a bitch. It is a super-common word used in various connotations ranging from extremely disparaging to jovial settings.
  11. Cocksucker
    Spanish Translation: Mamahuevo
    Be sure that you are not around the person you are calling this name as it is one of the insults that could hurt anyone. And, as a consequence, you could end up being hurt as well. In a physical sense.

Spanish Rude Phrases

  1. Go Shit
    Spanish Translation: Anda a Cagar
    There is no direct translation in English, but it basically means “go away” or “get lost.” It is usually used to express frustration or used in an angry way.
  2. Suck My Cock
    Spanish Translation: Chúpame la pija
    “Pija” is slang for the male genitalia while chupar means to suck. You can also replace “chúpame” in this phrase with “mamame,” and your insult would still be intact because “mamar” is synonymous with chupar. Another synonym you could also try is “verga,” in place of “pija” (they both mean penis).
  3. Eat Shit and Die
    Spanish Translation: Come mierda y muere
    This is a common phrase in Spain. “Comer” means to eat, “mierda” translates to shit, and “morir” means to die. When putting them together, they make an impactful insulting phrase.
  4. Go to Hell
    Spanish Translation: Vete al Infierno
    “Infierno” already sounds like hell, and this makes the phrase straightforward. A more popular alternative to this phrase is “Mierda” (shit).

There you have them; more than 30 wicked bad words in Spanish. Ensure that you use them in a casual setting when hanging out with your close friends to avoid getting a backlash.

Do you think we have left out any other common Spanish cuss words used by Spaniards, Latin Americans or South Americans? Well, share them with us in the comment section and tell us what they mean.

¡Gracias y hasta luego!