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spring in italy

Spring in Italian – Italian Vocabulary 101


Winter may have its merits, especially when you live in Northern Italy and enjoy skiing or snowboarding in the Alps. But personally I’m happy to see it go when spring sets in, the air gets warmer, and nature has more colors to offer than just white and gray. So in this article, you guessed it, we will talk about spring in Italian.

And in case you weren’t looking for spring season in Italian, but for another meaning of spring: We have got these covered as well.

But we will start with the spring season in Italian as it is my favorite time of year and thus one of my favorite words in Italian.

The Italian word for spring is primavera.
spring pizza: pizza primavera
The spring pizza: pizza primavera! — Image by DesignDraw DesignDrawArtes from Pixabay

The fact that Italians love spring is already evident from the fact that they have created a special spring pizza: the Pizza Primavera! It is topped with everything that is typical for spring. For example with green asparagus, spring onions and broccoli.

Spring in Italian

spring in italian: primavera
Spring time in Italy — Image by rottonara from Pixabay

Let’s look at expressions in the English language and what the translations in the Italian language are.

English ExpressionsItalian TranslationsGender
spring awakeningil risveglio della primaveramasculine
spring breakle vacanze di primaverafeminine
spring chickenil pulcino di primaveramasculine
spring cleaningla pulizie di primaverafeminine
spring dayil giorno di primaveramasculine
spring festivalla festa di primaverafeminine
spring feverla febbre della primaverafeminine
spring flowersi fiori di primaveraplural
spring makeoverla cura della primaverafeminine
spring monthil mese della primaveramasculine
spring onionil cipollottomasculine
spring rolll’involtino primaveramasculine
spring shoppinglo shopping di primaveramasculine
spring therapyla terapia di primaverafeminine
spring tirednessla stanchezza primaverilefeminine
spring weatheril tempo di primaveramasculine
spring wheatil grano primaverilemasculine
spring woodil legno di primaveramasculine

Example Sentences

  • Adoro decorare la mia casa con i fiori di primavera. — I love to decorate my house with spring flowers.
  • Dopo un inverno grigio e uggioso, ogni anno il risveglio della primavera è come un miracolo. — After the gray and dreary winter, the spring awakening is like a miracle every year.
  • Andate via per le vacanze di primavera? — Are you going away for spring break?
  • Lo shopping natalizio sembra essere appena terminato, già mia moglie inizia con lo shopping primaverile.— The Christmas shopping seems to be just done, already my wife starts with the spring shopping.

Other words containing Spring in Italian

coiled spring
Coiled spring – molla elicoidale — Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

In English, there are more common words containing “spring.” Spring doesn’t only stand for the season, but also for the source of a river, a coiled spring and other meanings. So, if you were looking for these, here they are.

English ExpressionsItalian TranslationsGender
coiled springla molla elicoidalefeminine
spring (of a river)la sorgente / la fontefeminine
spring constantla costante della mollafeminine
spring gunla pistola a mollafeminine
spring lockil blocco a mollamasculine
spring mattressil materasso a mollemasculine
spring scalela scala a mollafeminine
spring waterl’acqua di sorgentemasculine
springform panla teglia a forma di mollafemininemasculine

Example Sentences

  • Mi piace bere acqua fresca di sorgente durante le escursioni. — I love to drink cool spring water on a hiking trip.
  • Due settimane fa Anna ha preso in prestito la mia teglia e non l’ha ancora restituita! — Two weeks ago Anna borrowed my springform pan and still hasn’t returned it!