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la panchina

Bench in Italian — Italian Vocabulary 101


On a sunny afternoon, I enjoy sitting on a wooden bench in a remote corner of my garden, reading a good book. It’s not the most comfortable piece of furniture, and yet I feel very cosy and relaxed.

So, what is the Italian word for bench? The answer is: it depends!

A bench without a back rest is called “la panca.” Another word for it is “la banca.”
“La banca” (feminine) or “il banco” (masculine) are also the origin of the English word “bank” as Italian money changers in the medieval period used benches to pile their coins on and do their business.

A bench with a back rest is called “la panchina.”

beer bench in italian: la panca della birra
Italian for beer bench: la panca della birra
— Image by Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay

Different Kinds of Bench in Italian

There are all kinds of benches, here are some examples.

English ExpressionsItalian TranslationsGender
the benchla panca / la panchina / la bancafeminine
beer benchla panca della birrafeminine
church benchla banco della chiesafeminine
corner benchla panchina d’angolofeminine
garden benchla panchina del giardinofeminine
park benchla panchina del parcofeminine
penalty benchla panca delle penalitàfeminine
seating benchla panchinafeminine
stove benchla panca accanto alla stufa / la panchina della stufafeminine
window benchla panca della finestrafeminine
wooden benchla panchina di legnofeminine

Example Sentences

Ho comprato una nuova panchina di legno per il mio giardino. — I bought a new wooden bench for my backyard.

Riposiamoci un po’ sulla panchina del parco! — Let’s rest there on the park bench for a while!

saw bench in italian: il banco della sega
Saw bench in Italian: banco della sega — Image by philippe ruaudel from Pixabay

Work Benches in Italian

Besides benches to sit on, there are other also those benches to work at. They are usually described with the Italian word “banco”, which is masculine.

English ExpressionsItalian TranslationsGender
draw benchil banco di estrazionemasculine
drilling benchil banco di foraturamasculine
joiner’s benchil banco da falegnamemasculine
laboratory benchil banco da laboratoriomasculine
measuring benchil banco di misuramasculine
planing benchil banco di piallaturamasculine
repair benchil banco di riparazionemasculine
saw benchil banco della segamasculine
service benchil banco di serviziomasculine
test benchil banco di provamasculine
welding benchil banco di saldaturamasculine
work benchil banco di lavoromasculine

Example Sentences

Il banco sega deve essere pulito, è pieno di trucioli di legno. — The saw bench needs cleaning, it is full of wood chips.

In un angolo remoto del suo laboratorio si trovava un vecchio banco di sega, che oggi usava raramente. — In a remote corner of his workshop stood an old saw bench, which he rarely used nowadays.


There are four different expressions for the English word bench in Italian — who would have thought?