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italian summer

Summer in Italian – Italian Vocabulary 101


Italy is the perfect country for a summer vacation. The weather is warm and sunny most of the year, with temperatures reaching up to 86°F / 30°C. There are plenty of seaside resorts with sandy beaches, as well as inland cities with cool air conditioning in the hot days. And there’s no shortage of delicious Italian food – pizza, pasta, gelato – or rich culture to explore! So today we are going to learn about the summer in Italian.

The Italian word for summer is l'estate (masculine).

Italy is a large country in Southern Europe. It has a rich history and culture and is famous for fashion, great food and it’s people. Italians are famous for their vivid and lively ways. The people are always positive and always try to see the bright side of things, even in difficult situations. They are passionate about their food and especially about love and romance.

summer in italy
Summer in Italy — Image by user32212 from Pixabay

Summer in Italian

English ExpressionsItalian TranslationsGender
dog days of summerla canicolafeminine
early summerinizio estatemasculine
hot summerestate caldamasculine
Indian summerl’estate indianamasculine
late summerfine estatemasculine
midsummermezza estatemasculine
short summerestate brevemasculine
summer fashionsla moda estivafeminine
summer cholerala diarrea con vomitofeminine
summer clearance salei saldi estivimasculine
summer clothesi vestiti estivimasculine
summer coatil cappotto estivomasculine
summer cottagela casetta estivofeminine
summer dayil giorno d’estatemasculine
summer dressl’abito estivomasculine
summer driveil viaggio estivomasculine
summer fairil festival estivomasculine
summer festivalil festival d’estatemasculine
summer holidays (British English)le vacanze estivefeminine
summer housela casa estivafeminine
summer jobil lavoro estivomasculine
summer lightningil lampo di caloremasculine
feet in the sand
Image by moni quayle from Pixabay

More Words with Summer in Italian

English ExpressionsItalian TranslationsGender
summer monthsi mesi estiviplural
summer operationla fattoria estivafeminine
summer partyla festa d’estatefeminine
summer rainla pioggia d’estatefeminine
summer readla lettura estivafeminine
summer recessla pausa estivafeminine
summer residencela residenza estivafeminine
summer resortil ritiro estivomasculine
summer salei saldi estivimasculine
summer seasonla stagione estivafeminine
summer shoppinglo shopping estivomasculine
summer slumpil buco d’estatemasculine
summer-smoglo smog estivomasculine
summer solsticeil solstizio d’estatemasculine
summer stayil soggiorno estivomasculine
summer temperaturela temperatura estivafeminine
summer termil semestre estivomasculine
summer timel’ora legalemasculine
summer tires (American English)i pneumatici estivimasculine
summer tourismil turismo estivomasculine
summer tyres (British English)i pneumatici estivimasculine
summer vacationle vacanze estivefeminine
summer visitoril visitatore estivomasculine
summer weatheril clima estivomasculine
summer woodil legno tardivomasculine

Example Sentences with Summer in Italian

  • Una rondine non fa primavera. — One swallow doesn’t make a summer. (note that “primavera” means spring, not summer. So the Italian version is slightly different from the English.)
  • La piscina è aperta sia in estate che in inverno. — The pool is open both in summer and in winter.
  • Giugno segna l’inizio dei mesi estivi. — June marks the beginning of the summer months.
  • I nostri figli vorrebbero trascorrere l’intera estate in spiaggia. — Our kids would love to spend the whole summer at the beach.
  • Estate, sole, vacanze e il miglior gelato del mondo. Cosa c’è di meglio? — Summer, sunshine, vacations and the best ice cream in the world. Can there be anything better?