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100+ Animal Names in German from around the World


Germans are very fond of animals. There are an estimated 34 million pets in Germany, with cats and dogs being the most popular.

But Germans aren’t only interested in their own pets. Documentaries about both local and exotic animals are still some of the most favorite TV programs. So if you’re looking for a subject to discuss with German friends other than football or the weather, animals would be a good choice. To make sure you’re talking about the same kind of animal, we will explore animal names in German in this blog post!

Table of Contents

German Names for Pets (Namen von Haustieren)

animals in german - rabbit - das kaninchen
Animals in German: the Rabbit – das Kaninchen — Image by Rebekka D from Pixabay

There are almost 15 million cats and around 10 million dogs living in German households. But of course there are other kinds of pet animals as well, such as guinea pigs, hamsters or even snakes. So let’s examine pet names in German. (If you are looking for bird names, please scroll down to the appropriate paragraph.)

AnimalGerman SingularGerman PluralIndefinite Article
Catdie Katzedie Katzeneine Katze
Dogder Hunddie Hundeein Hund
Guinea Pigdas Meerschweinchendie Meerschweinchenein Meerschweinchen
Hamsterder Hamsterdie Hamsterein Hamster
Hareder Hasedie Hasenein Hase
Mousedie Mausdie Mäuseeine Maus
Rabbitdas Kaninchendie Kaninchenein Kaninchen
Ratdie Rattedie Ratteneine Ratte
Snakedie Schlangedie Schlangeneine Schlange
Turtledie Schildkrötedie Schildkröteneine Schildkröte

Farm Animal Names in German (Namen von Bauernhoftieren)

names of farm animals in german
The German name for a piglet is “das Ferkel”. Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

Farms as we know them from children books with a wide array of different farm animals are rather a thing of the past. Farms today are often monocultures that produce only, for example, one kind of crop or a particular breed of animal, such as pigs.

But the trend for ecological farming has given rise to farms which are more diverse, just like the old fashioned ones used to be. So there you are more likely to find the typical farm animals most farms had in the good old times.

AnimalGerman SingularGerman PluralIndefinite Article
Boarder Eberdie Eberein Eber
Bullder Bulledie Bullenein Bulle
Cattledas Rinddie Rinderein Rind
Chickdas Kükendie Kükenein Küken
Chickendas Huhndie Hühnerein Huhn
Cowdie Kuhdie Küheeine Kuh
Duckdie Entedie Enteneine Ente
Donkeyder Eseldie Eselein Esel
Ewedas Mutterschafdie Mutterschafeein Mutterschaf
Ganderder Ganterdie Ganterein Ganter
Goatdie Ziegedie Ziegeneine Ziege
Goosedie Gansdie Gänseeine Gans
He-Goatder Ziegenbockdie Ziegenböckeein Ziegenbock
Hendie Hennedie Henneneine Henne
Horsedas Pferddie Pferdeein Pferd
Oxder Ochsedie Ochsenein Ochse
Pigdas Schweindie Schweineein Schwein
Pigletdas Ferkeldie Ferkelein Ferkel
Ramder Schafbockdie Schafböckeein Schafbock
Roosterder Hahndie Hähneein Hahn
Sheepdas Schafdie Schafeein Schaf
Stallionder Hengstdie Hengsteein Hengst
Farm Animals in German List

Bird Names in German (Vogelnamen)

Image by edmondlafoto from Pixabay

Without our feathered friends, the world would be a sad place. Many birds look beautiful, sing wonderfully and are a vital part of our eco system. And many people love to watch them and feed them during the winter time.

AnimalGerman SingularGerman PluralIndefinite Article
Atlantic Puffinder Papageitaucherdie Papageitaucherein Papageitaucher
Budgieder Wellensittichdie Wellensitticheein Wellensittich
Chickendas Huhndie Hühnerein Huhn
Cockatooder Kakadudie Kakadusein Kakadu
Duckdie Entedie Enteneine Ente
Eagleder Adlerdie Adlerein Adler
Magpiedie Elsterdie Elsterneine Elster
Owldie Euledie Euleneine Eule
Parrotder Papageidie Papageienein Papagei
Ravender Rabedie Rabenein Rabe
Sea-Gulldie Möwedie Möweneine Möwe
Sparrowder Spatzdie Spatzenein Spatz
Swallowdie Schwalbedie Schwalbeneine Schwalbe
Swander Schwandie Schwäneein Schwan
Vultureder Geierdie Geierein Geier
Bird Names in German List

Forest Animal Names in German (Namen von Tieren des Waldes)

german animal names for deer: Hirsch
The German name for deer is Hirsch — Image by Lubos Houska from Pixabay

As a kid I loved roaming through the woods near my parents house. There was always something to discover and explore. Climbing trees, building small huts from loose wood and twigs, swimming in a lake, catching fish – the number of adventures seemed endless. And there were all sorts of animals we could watch. Whether it was small ones such as ants or dragon flys or larger ones like rabbits and foxes, they were all fascinating.

AnimalGerman SingularGerman PluralIndefinite Article
Antdie Ameisedie Ameiseneine Ameise
Badgerder Dachsdie Dachseein Dachs
Blind Wormdie Blindschleichedie Blindschleicheneine Blindschleiche
Brown Bearder Braunbärdie Braunbärenein Braunbär
Fallow Deerder Damhirschdie Damhirscheein Damhirsch
Foxder Fuchsdie Füchseein Fuchs
Hareder Hasedie Hasenein Hase
Hedgehogder Igeldie Igelein Igel
Lynxder Luchsdie Luchseein Luchs
Martender Marderdie Marderein Marder
Rabbitdas Kaninchendie Kaninchenein Kaninchen
Roe Deerdas Rehdie Reheein Reh
Squirreldas Eichhörnchendie Eichhörnchenein Eichhörnchen
Wild Boardas Wildschweindie Wildschweineein Wildschwein
Wolfder Wolfdie Wölfeein Wolf
Forest Animals in German List

Fish Names in German (Namen von Fischen)

Image by joakant from Pixabay

There are more than 32,000 different species of sweet and salt water fish. Especially tropical salt water fish can look spectacular with their bright colors and fancy patterns. But also in the northern hemisphere there are a number of beautiful fish that can fascinate us.

AnimalGerman SingularGerman PluralIndefinite Article
Angel Fishder Kaiserfischdie Kaiserfischeein Kaiserfisch
Carpder Karpfendie Karpfenein Karpfen
Catfishder Welsdie Welseein Wels
Cichlidder Buntbarschdie Buntbarscheein Buntbarsch
Gold Fishder Goldfischdie Goldfischeein Goldfisch
Guppyder Guppydie Guppysein Guppy
Hogfishder Eber-Lippfischdie Eber-Lippfischeein Eber-Lippfisch
Pikeder Hechtdie Hechteein Hecht
Salmonder Lachsdie Lachseein Lachs
Sturgeonder Stördie Störeein Stör
Surgeonfishder Doktorfischdie Doktorfischeein Doktorfisch
Triggerfishder Drückerfischdie Drückerfischeein Drückerfisch
Zanderder Zanderdie Zanderein Zander
Fish Names in German List

Sea Animal Names in German (Namen von Meeresbewohnern)

sea animals in german
Dolphins probably are the most popular animals in the sea. Image by Pexels from Pixabay

You know the phrase, “there’s more fish in the sea”? Well, in fact there’s even more than just fish in the sea. Actually there’s a whole plethora of spectacular animals living in the lakes, streams and oceans. The fact that their live is so different from ours makes them even more fascinating.

AnimalGerman SingularGerman PluralIndefinite Article
Cuttlefishder Tintenfischdie Tintenfischeein Tintenfisch
Dolphinder Delphindie Delphineein Delphin
Jellyfishdie Qualledie Qualleneine Qualle
Krillder Krillno plural form
Lobsterder Hummerdie Hummerein Hummer
Musseldie Muscheldie Muschelneine Muschel
Octopusder Krakedie Krakenein Krake
Oysterdie Austerdie Austerneine Auster
Shrimpdie Krabbedie Krabbeneine Krabbe
Starfishder Seesterndie Seesterneein Seestern
Turtledie Schildkrötedie Schildkröteneine Schildkröte
Whaleder Waldie Waleein Wal
Sea Animals in German List

Polar Animal Names in German (Namen von Tieren der Polarkreise)

polar animal names in german: polar bear is eisbär
The “Eisbär” is the most impressive animal from the north pole. Image by skeeze from Pixabay

If there was a heraldic animal for the arctic, it would be the polar bear without a doubt. Its sheer power and its majestic appearance are indeed impressive.

But the animal most of us associate first and foremost with the antarctic on the other side of the planet, is very different. The penguin isn’t such a big brute as the polar bear. In fact they are quite the opposite, small, clumsy and lovely. And their wobbly walk and the fact they all seem to be dressed up in swallow-tailed coats make them even more adorable and a favorite for many kids and grown-ups alike.

AnimalGerman SingularGerman PluralIndefinite Article
Arctic Foxder Polarfuchsdie Polarfüchseein Polarfuchs
Arctic Hareder Schneehasedie Schneehasenein Schneehase
Leopard Sealder Seeleoparddie Seeleopardenein Seeleopard
Musk Oxder Moschusochsedie Moschusochsenein Moschusochse
Penguinder Pinguindie Pinguineein Pinguin
Polar Bearder Eisbärdie Eisbärenein Eisbär
Reindeerdas Rentierdie Rentiereein Rentier
Sea Lionder Seelöwedie Seelöwenein Seelöwe
Sealdie Robbedie Robbeneine Robbe
Walrusdas Walrossdie Walrösserein Walross
Polar Animals in German List

African Animals in German List (Namen afrikanischer Tiere)

african animals in german list
Image by Pete Ball from Pixabay

Africa is a dream destination for animal lovers from all over the world. Its rich wildlife with many unusual and fascinating species inspires most people. To observe them, many tourists take part in a photo safari. During such a safari you can admire animals like lions, elephants or giraffes from a very close distance.

AnimalGerman SingularGerman PluralIndefinite Article
Antelopedie Antilopedie Antilopeneine Antilope
Buffaloder Büffeldie Büffelein Büffel
Chimpanzeeder Schimpansedie Schimpansenein Schimpanse
Elephantder Elefantdie Elefantenein Elefant
Gazelledie Gazelledie Gazelleneine Gazelle
Giraffedie Giraffedie Giraffeneine Giraffe
Gorillader Gorilladie Gorillasein Gorilla
Leopardder Leoparddie Leopardenein Leopard
Lionder Löwedie Löwenein Löwe
Rhinodas Nashorndie Nashörnerein Nashorn
Wildebeestdas Gnudie Gnusein Gnu
Zebradas Zebradie Zebrasein Zebra
African Animals in German List

Extinct Animal Names in German (Namen ausgestorbener Tiere)

extinct animal names in german: Dinosaurier
Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay

There are more extinct animals than just dinosaurs. In fact there’s some 10 – 14 million different kinds of animals on our planet today. But it’s estimated that anywhere between 5 and 50(!) billion species are extinct!

Which means 99.9% of animals are extinct. Which is sad. But also good news. Because I wouldn’t like to spot a nice little chap like the one in the picture above suddenly standing on my front lawn on a sunny morning.

AnimalGerman SingularGerman PluralIndefinite Article
Aurochsder Auerochsedie Auerochsenein Auerochse
Caspian Tigerder Kaspische Tigerdie Kaspischen Tigerein Kaspischer Tiger
Dinosaurder Dinosaurierdie Dinosaurierein Dinosaurier
Dododer Dododie Dodosein Dodo
Mammothdas Mammutdie Mammute / die Mammuts (both forms are allowed)ein Mammut
Saber-toothed Tigerder Säbelzahntigerdie Säbelzahntigerein Säbelzahntiger
Thylacineder Beutelwolfdie Beutelwölfeein Beutelwolf
Extinct Animals in German List

So, this was our list of 100 animal names in German. It should give you a lot to talk about with friends or family from Germany.