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positive words that start with the letter y

Positive Words that start with Y – 32 yummy Words for Happiness


Today we will continue our mini series on positive words. Next up is the letter Y, so we will talk about positive adjectives, verbs and nouns beginning with Y. In other words, we will talk about positive words that start with y. But before we start, a few more words on the crisis we are experiencing and the influence negative thoughts have on us.

In the last article we spoke about how the solidarity most of us felt at the beginning of the pandemic now makes room for negative emotions and actions, e.g. constantly asking who made which mistakes?

Looking for scapegoats is an often repeated pattern over the centuries. The general idea seems to be “punish the one who did wrong, so the rest can continue to live their lives as they did before.” Well, it rarely ever worked, especially not when the one found guilty isn’t guilty after all.

Having negative thoughts all day won’t help us. Instead they will make us feel worse and worse. Being negative is bad for your sleep and bad for your health. So we will try to give some advice on thinking positive in this mini series. But for today we will start with a list of positive words that start with the letter y. And the most used positive word that starts with y? Yes, it’s YES!

Positive Words that start with Y

positive words that start with y: young
Positive words beginning with the letter Y: young — Image by Lubov Lisitsa from Pixabay
yabba-dabba-doointerjectionFred Flintstones cry of joyhooray, whoopee
yahoointerjectionexclamation of joyhooray, yippee
yaradjectiveliveleyagile, nimble
yareadjectiveready for actionapt, prepared
yayinterjectionoutcry of excitementhallelujah, hooray
yeahadverbexpression of agreementyes, sure
yearnverbto feel longing or compassionto long for sb. or sth.
yearningnouna feeling of longingcraving, desire
yeehawinterjectioncry of joy used by cowboysyahoo, yippee
yellownoun, adjectivethe bright color of sunflowers
yepadverbexpression of agreementyes, of course

Good Words that start with Y

nice words that start with y: yellow
Positive words that start with the letter y: yellow — Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
yesadverbexpression of agreementyep, sure
yieldnounthe amount of something that is producedearning, gain, return
yippeeinterjectionexclamation of joyhooray, whoopee
yin and yangnounthe balance of opposing sides
yo-yonouna toy with a string attached to make it
rewind up when it falls
yoganounphysical exercises for well-being
YOLOslangYou Only Live Oncebetter now than never
youngadjectivebeing at an early stage of liveadolescent, fresh, juvenile
young at heartidiombehaving like a young person,
though being mature
active, agile, full of energy
youngbloodnouna young personbeginner, newbie

Positive Words that start with the letter Y

young gunnounyoung person who’s likely to be successful in his/her fieldambitious person
younglingnouna young human or animalfreshman, rookie
younkernounyoung man or childyoungster
youthnounthe early stage of lifeadolescence, boyhood, girlhood
youthfuladjectivelike being youngjuvenile, young
youthfulnessnounwith the characteristics of youthadolescence, freshness
yum-yuminterjectionexpression of being pleased by tasty fooddelicious, tasty
yummyadjectivevery tasty or attractivedelicious, lush, sexy
yummiliciousadjectiveextremely tasty or attractivedelicious, lush, sexy
yummy mummynoun (informal)an attractive young motherhot mum
yupadverbexpression of agreement, variant of yepyes, of course

Example Sentences for Positive Words that start with Y

“Shall we go to the pub tonight?”, “Yeah, sure.”

Did you see the younglings amongst the cattle? They are so cute!

That dessert was yummilicous!

My lottery ticket won, yippee!

My grandma is 83, but she’s still young at heart!

So, that was our list of encouraging words that start with y. Next in the series will be positive words that start with x.