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20+ Italian Love Words for Romeos and Juliets


The stereotype of the romantic Italian is backed up well by their romantic words and phrases. With these Italian love words, you can express a great deal of feelings to that special person you are interested in. They are the perfect way to let someone know how you feel and what you wish for.

Before using these Italian love phrases, it’s important to understand the weight that these words and phrases carry. You’ll also want to know how to pronounce the words correctly and how to use them to the best of your ability. These phrases are just a starting point for understanding how to speak the Italian language.

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Italian Love Words for Flirting

Ti penso ogni giorno

If you’re looking for a lighter option that is still very romantic, this is a great one to use. It means “I could look at you all day”. That’s essentially going to tell the other person that you find them very attractive without having to flat out say it. 

Sei la mia anima gemella

For those who want to get intense with their declaration of love, this phrase is the way to go. It means “you’re my soulmate,” and the sound of it alone makes it a really romantic Italian phrase for me. You’ll want to be sure that the feeling is mutual before using it, though. 

Sei la mia rosa

While there may not be a lot of commonly-used romantic phrases like this in English, this is a unique one in Italian. These Italian words mean “you are my rose”, which is a romantic way to draw attention to the soft, beautiful nature of the person you’re speaking to. Probably best used on female partners, as I’m not sure many guys will appreciate it.

Sei un dono

If you want to express just how happy you are to have someone in your life, this phrase is a great one to use. It means “you’re a gift” essentially, which is a very sweet thing to say. It can also be very apt in situations where someone new has come into your life who wasn’t there before.

Tesoro mio

Another way to tell your beloved how you feel about them is by using this pet name. It translates as “my treasure” and means basically the same as “my sweetheart” or “my darling.”

Ti penso sempre

You can’t get the one you’re longing for out of your head ? Let them know by telling them, “I think of you all the time!”

Declaring your Love in Italian

Image by Jakob_F from Pixabay

Amore Mio

This term is one of the building blocks that you can use for putting together a romantic sentence, poem or other means of expressing yourself romantically. It means “my love”, and it’s a great pet name to use for someone you are involved with that you care for deeply.

Ti amo

The classic “I love you” in the Italian language and the easiest and shortest way to express your romantic feelings.

Ti voglio bene

Literally “I want you good,” this strange sounding phrase basically means “I love you” as well.

Voglio invecchiare con te

This is another intense one that can really display just how much someone means to you. It means “I want to get/grow old with you”. That is really a huge statement to make, which will go to show how much your significant other means to you.

Ti voglio sempre al mio fianco

As far as romantic phrases go, this one takes the cake. It essentially is the phrase you’d use when you want to tell someone you want them always by your side, which can show your romantic attachment to someone well. It also possesses a sense of security that can convey to your significant other that they won’t be alone.

Sei l’unico (a per me)

This phrase means “you’re the only one (for me)”, which is really another way of saying that someone is your soulmate. It lets the other person know that you don’t have eyes for anyone else, which is romantic and can promote a sense of comfort.

Per sempre tua

This is another romantic building block that can allow you to craft romantic phrases, or simply end a letter. It essentially means “forever yours”. It’s a great, short phrase to use when you want to express the eternal devotion you carry for someone in a very romantic way.

Tu sei l’amore della mia vita

The literal translation of “You are the love of my life” in Italian. It is quite a big statement to make, that’s for sure. But it could clear the last doubts your beloved may have.

Voglio passare il resto della mia vita con te

This is another one of those more intense terms that can be great for expressing more serious feelings about someone. It’s a longer statement, which you would use when you want to express that you want to spend the rest of your life with the person. This is typically included in a proposal, but can be used at other times too.

Mi vuoi sposare

Many dream of hearing these words spoken to them in a romantic setting, complete with a glittering ring. It means “will you marry me”. If you are looking to impress an Italian significant other, then this phrase is going to leave them absolutely stunned and happy.

Physical Love in Italian

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Image by M P from Pixabay

Sono attrato (a da te)

This phrase means “I’m attracted (to you)”. As many know, this is a great way to express your romantic interest in someone in a way that is clear without being too intense. Because of that, it’s a great phrase to have on hand in case you take an interest in someone. 

Tu sei bella / sei bellissima

Every woman loves to hear how beautiful she is. And men like to hear it too. So if you want to flatter your partner, these are the words to use. Bellissima is the stronger version of bella, like “most beautiful.”

When addressing a man however, the ending changes to “o”. So it’s “tu sei bello” when you’re speaking to a handsome guy.

Hai una bella figura

If you want to emphasize the physical attributes, this phrase tells your partner how attractive their body is.

only kissing is better than italian love words
If you’re lost for Italian love words, a kiss
can express your feelings even better than words!


Our list of Italian love words wouldn’t be complete without this basic phrase. Kiss me! A simple wish, but expressing a deep longing and intimacy. If you want to kiss your partner, you would use “voglio baciarti.”

Facciamo l’amore

For those who are looking for a more lustful addition to their romantic words and phrases, this is a good one to know. It means “let’s make love”, and is great to use when things are getting heated. There are also plenty more phrases like these to check out if you’re looking for something “hotter”.

Sono pazzo di te

This phrase is one that we do hear a lot in English, especially in our romantic movies. It’s the phrase you’d use when you want to tell someone you’re “crazy about them”, which works well to depict the feelings that can come with being love sick, or in other words, being strongly infatuated with someone.

Sei il mio eroe

When you want to make someone feel like Superman, or Superwoman, this is a great phrase to use. It translates to “you are my hero”, which is a truly great way to express your admiration of someone. 


When you’re using these Italian love words, it’s important to know how to pronounce and use them correctly. These terms aren’t exactly going to do you a lot of good if you don’t know how to speak them in a way people will understand, unless you plan on texting or writing all your love messages!

There are many language-learning resources out there that can help you, even if you just plan on learning enough to be able to use these phrases without sounding silly. Once you’ve learned what you need to, you’ll surely be able to make just about anyone swoon with these words.

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