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loving couple - names to call your spanish boyfriend

10 sweet Pet Names to call your Spanish Boyfriend

When your boyfriend is from a Spanish speaking country, you might be looking for some pet names for him. Another reason to search for pet names to call your Spanish boyfriend, could be if you both share a love for the Spanish language or consider a holiday in Spain or Latin America.

Whatever the reason, we compiled a list of lovely and sweet Spanish pet names for boys or men. Spanish is a very romantic language and even pet names you might find a bit boring in English suddenly become exciting and exotic when you use their Spanish equivalents. So browse through and we hope you will find the right name for your man!

Table of Contents

  1. Pet Names to call your Spanish Boyfriend
    1. Corazoncito
    2. Dulce
    3. Guapo
    4. Mi Amor
    5. Mi Cielo
    6. Mi Querido
    7. Mi Rey
    8. Mi sol
    9. Mi Vida
    10. Oso de peluche

Pet Names to call your Spanish Boyfriend


It means “little heart“, which might sound a bit unusual. But it has a lovely sound.


Dulce means sweet. Not a name most men would vouch for perhaps, but used at the right time, it works rather well.


Guapo means handsome. Which your boyfriend certainly is to you, so let him know from time to time. Because men like to be flattered just as much as women, even though they would never admit it.

Mi Amor

Mi amor translates as “my love“, so it can be used for men and women alike.

Mi Cielo

This one means “my sky“. It’s an unusual pet name for an English speaker, but remember these are names to call your Spanish boyfriend. And he will know and appreciate the expression.

Mi Querido

The direct translation of “my dear.” Not too fancy perhaps, but the sound of it is really sweet. So try whispering it into his ear the next time you’re cuddling up.

Mi Rey

El rey means the king in Spain. And which man or boy hasn’t ever wanted to be a king? Well, let him know he really is a king, at least in your little kingdom. Which should be more than enough.

Mi sol

Mi sol translates as my sun, meaning he lightens up your life and keeps you warm.

Mi Vida

Mi vida translates as “my life“. Which implies he means everything to you. A big compliment, indeed.

Oso de peluche

spanish names to call your boyfriend: oso de peluche - teddy bear
A sweet name for a guy who likes to cuddle: oso de peluche – Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Oso de peluche means teddy bear. So it’s well suited for a guy you’d like to snuggle up with. 😉

Looking for more names to call your Spanish boyfriend or other romantic expressions in Spanish? Take a look at our list of Spanish love words.

And in case you already found the right name for your sweetheart, we hope it will add some sweet Spanish romance to your relationship.