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spanish love words for couples

40 Spanish Love Words for your Sweetheart

If you wish to spice up your love life by adding some Spanish love words, here is a list of the most romantic Spanish words, Spanish pet names for boys and girls and flirting phrases in Spanish that will help you make sparks fly. 

A rose, said in other names, would smell as sweet – this is a quote by William Shakespeare. I agree with Shakespeare on this one, not just because I have always been a fan of his quotes. But because I feel when we say the common English words and phrases we use every day in another language will make our conversation more spicy. 

romantic words in spanish are like red roses
Spanish love words are as romantic as red roses. Image by Josch13 from Pixabay

All around the world, people fall in love with others, and the language of love is universal. We thrive to explain our feelings to the people we love, and usually, we use the tongue we are familiar with. However, we sound unique and romantic if we add something unfamiliar to our phrases. To be more romantic, you can add other words from another language, and with the help of a few keywords and phrases, you can definitely be a charm. When it comes to romance, the Spanish language is richly endowed with love phrases and words. Considered to be one of the most fascinating languages in the world, Spanish is full of vibrancy and life.

This can be attributed to the fact that the Spanish language has Latin origins, which is why many people across the world are fascinated with this language and want to learn how to speak it. By adding some romantic words in Spanish, you will definitely be able to charm your better half. Even more so, of course, if your partner comes from a Spanish speaking background. You just have to practice pronouncing them and understand the best setting in which to use them. And who knows, maybe in a short time you too can speak the Spanish language with ease.

Are you ready? Then let’s get started;

Spanish Love Words and Phrases

Spanish is a poetic language full of sweet and expressive words. Almost every Spanish word sounds romantic to non-Spanish people, don’t you think so?

On this section, you can learn the Spanish vocabulary of romance and love. Try them out on your sweetheart.

In English, we call our better halves, “my love,” “my sweetheart,” or “honey.” In Spanish, there are words to express the same idea; so let’s get started with our list Spanish love phrases.

  1. Mi Amor
    Translation: My love
    Mi Amor, the Spanish name for my love, can also be said as “Amor” and is a common expression among couples. It is used to describe or introduce someone you love to people. You can also call your sweetheart Mi Amor. It is a romantic word that equates to my love in Spanish or my sweetheart. Saying this to your girl or guy will make you sound more poetic.
  2. Cario
    Translation: Darling
    You can spice up your conversation also by calling your loved one Cario. Instead of calling him/her “Amor” all the time, call her Cario once in a while. It will add diversity to your conversation and will make you more romantic. 
  3. Te Amo
    Translation: I Love You
    Do you want to express your feelings in a unique Spanish way? Just tell your better half, “Te Amo.” This is a familiar phrase among couples and is often used in songs. Most people know its meaning. You can beef up your late-night pillow talk by saying “Te Amo” to your sweetheart. Make it more Spanish by saying, “Te Amo, mi Cario.”
  4. Te Quiero or Me gustas
    Translation: I Like You
    This may sound just friendly, but “Te Quiero” is an equivalent word for “I Like You” in English when said in a romantic setting. It can be used when you want to express your feelings in a friendly way to someone you are beginning to fall for.
  5. Te Adoro
    Translation: I adore you
    This Spanish love word can be used when you are flirting with someone or when you want to take your friendship to another level. You can say it to a girl or a guy you want to flirt with. It romantically expresses your thoughts.
  6. Te Necesito
    Translation:  I need you
    Do you want to make a girl/guy fall in love with you? Do you want to show her/him how much you need them in your life? Saying “I need you” may not sink into them but “Te Necesito” may. Spice up your chat with this romantic Spanish pickup phrase.
  7. Te Quiero Mucho
    Translation: I like you so very much
    When you want to tell him/her how much they mean to you, you can use this phrase. It expresses the depth of your love. Therefore, instead of the usual “, I like you so very much,” just whisper to them “Te Quiero mucho.”
  8. Estoy Enamorado
    Translation:  I’m In love
    Do you want to tell your friends that you are in love with someone? Use this Spanish phrase and let them guess for some seconds what you meant. This phrase can also be used to tell a girl or a guy you admire how much you are falling for them.
  9. Yo tambin te amo
    Translation:  I love you too
    If your spouse text or says to you, I love you instead of the usual “I love you too” reply, text them back with “Yo tambin te amo.” I’m sure they will be surprised for a few seconds before rushing to Google to search for its translation. At least you will have made your little chitchat more memorable. Also, if they tell you “Te Amo,” text them back with “Yo tambin te amo” and show them you too, know some Spanish.
  10. Eres mi todo
    Translation:  You are my everything
    When expressing love to your darling, this one says it all. I mean “you are my everything”, how much more can you ask for, right?
  11. Te echo de menos
    Translation:  I miss you
    Being separated from your sweetheart is tough. Let her or him know how you feel, as he or she will probably feel the same way. And it is nice to know that you are missed.
  12. He estado pensando en ti
    Translation:  I’ve been thinking about you
    Naturally the person you love is on your mind most of the time. Once again, let them know how you feel. That way they feel appreciated and know that they are important to you.
  13. Eres mi media naranja
    Translation:  You are my half orange
    With this unusual phrase Spanish speakers mean to say, “I am not complete without you.” In English we would say “you are my other half.”
  14. Los amo a todos
    Translation:  I love all of you
    We all have little insecurities about ourselves. Maybe we don’t like our nose or think our feet are too big. Let that wonderful person you fell in love with know, that for you they are perfect just the way they are.
  15. Eres el amor de mi vida
    Translation:  You are the love of my life
    That is quite a statement to make, but when you want to express love it’s like playing poker. In order to win big you gotta go “all in.”
  16. Te amo con toda mi alma
    Translation:  I love you with all my soul
    For me, this expression of heartfelt emotion is one of the finest examples of Spanish romantic phrases.

Flirting in Spanish

Perhaps you have started learning how to speak Spanish, and now you want to add some romantic sentences and phrases to your vocabulary. The following list will show you how easy it is to fathom and speak sweet romantic Spanish words and phrases to your beloved one.

whispering spanish love words...
Whispering Spanish Love Words…
  1. Una Sonrisa tuya me inmensamente feliz
    Translation: Your smile makes me immensely happy
    Want to sound like a real Spanish guy? Say this to a girl and later translate to them what you meant, and you will find yourself winning her heart. Sending it in a text message is more romantic than saying it to her face as it will give her time to search on Google for its meaning. Of course, you can also use it on a Spanish girl to impress her.
  2. Dar mi un beso
    Translation: Give me a kiss
    If your friendship has reached a point where you can get intimate, this is the best phrase to use. Instead of the usual “give me a kiss,” uttering these Spanish words will make you sound like Antonio Banderas.
  3. Pienso en ti siempre
    Translation:  I’m always thinking of you
    If you want to make your love feelings known to someone and tell them how much you have fallen for them, you can say “Pienso en ti siempre” to let them know that they are always on your mind. It is a phrase that carries more weight than Te Adoro or Te Necesito.
  4. Me gustes
    Translation: I am attracted to you
    This Spanish phrase serves as a pickup line, and you can use it to express your interest to someone you find attractive. It tells them how much you are intrigued by them.
  5. Te gustaría salir conmigo
    Translation:  Would you like to go out with me
    Spending time together is necessary to see if you really fit together and if the other person finds you attractive too. So going out with each other is a good opportunity to find out.
  6. Estoy loco por ti
    Translation:  I am crazy about you
    Want to take your flirting game a notch higher? Then this is the phrase to use to express how madly you are in love with someone. It is a phrase that is common with teenagers and couples who are starting out their relationships.
  7. Te voy a echar de menos
    Translation: I am going to miss you
    This Spanish phrase is meant to be used when you are saying goodbye. It should be used when you have spent some time with your “Mi Amor,” and you are now separating. So, if you are going to work in the morning, and you know you will see your spouse later in the evening, tell them, “Te voy a echar de menos.”
  8. No puedo vivir sin ti
    Translation: I can’t live without you
    Are you madly in love and want to pour it out to someone you love? This is the phrase to use. Maybe you just engaged in a heated argument and your better half is threatening to quit the relationship, tell them “No puedo vivir sin ti” to mean you cannot live without them.
  9. Solo puedo pensar en ti
    Translation: I can only think of you
    If you want to assure them of your love, this is the phrase to use. Tell him/her that he/she is the only one you think of. When said in Spanish language, it sounds sweeter, doesn’t it?
  10. No puedo esperar a verte
    Translation: I can’t wait to see you
    Your spouse is on your way home, or he/she told you they will visit your place on a particular day; tell him/her, “No Puedo esperar a verte.” This will send him to the internet, and they will be amazed by the meaning of the phrase.
  11. Te deseo
    Translation: I long for you
    If you want to tell someone how much you desire their love, “Te deseo” will express your feelings better. It is a pickup line you can use to spice up your romantic conversation. 
  12. Tienes una sonrisa muy hermosa
    Translation: You have a wonderful smile
    Make her/him feel good by telling them how beautiful their smile is. This will make you appear romantic and can be a good pick up line to use on someone you want to impress.
  13. Me encantes
    Translation: You enchant me
    Tell her or him how much he/she captivates you in a unique way. This phrase can be used as a pickup line or when you want to show them how much they appeal to you.
  14. Estoy enamorada / Estoy enamorado
    Translation: I am in love
    A bold statement, but maybe he or she likes cheeky. Please use “enamorada” when you are female and “enamorado” when you are male.
  15. Lo siento
    Translation: Sorry
    Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want. And then this is probably the phrase you will hear. Yes, one could go to lengths to explain the matter in depths, but this humble Spanish phrase sums it all up.

Spanish Pet Names for Girls

When you have been in a relationship with a girl for some time, you start using nicknames of endearment to refer to your girl. Here are some common pet names that guys can use to refer to their girlfriends;

  1. Bonita 
    Translation: Pretty
    I’m sure you have heard this Spanish name somewhere, either in a song or movie. It is one of the most common Spanish love words and is used to mean someone pretty. Why not call your girl, Bonita? After all, she is the most beautiful girl in your world.
  2. Mi Cielo
    Translation: My Sky/Heaven
    This is a flirtation pet name, but you can use it to show your girl how high you rate her. Of course, it shouldn’t be used in a solemn setting because it is kind of an exaggeration.
  3. Mi Tesoro
    Translation: My Treasure
    This is another romantic Spanish word you can use to refer to your girl. It is quite deep and should be used to someone whom you know means the world to you; a treasure.
  4. Mueca
    Translation: Doll
    This is another unique name you can call your girlfriend. It is not common, but it sounds sweet.
  5. Mi Reina
    Translation: My Queen
    Call her this sweet name, and you will definitely make her smile. She will feel special and loved.

Spanish Pet Names for Boys

Here are some pet names girls can use to declare my love in spanish to a boy. Some may sound a bit exaggerated, but they are often used.

  1. Mi Rey
    Translation: My King
    If you want to show your guy that he rules your world, call him Rey. It will elevate his self-esteem and he will feel superior.
  2. Nene
    Translation: Baby
    “Baby” is a common pet name in the English language, and the Spanish equivalent of the same is Nene (when referring to a boy) or Nena (in the case of a female.) Girls are fond of using this word to refer to that special guy in their lives.
  3. Mi Vida
    Translation: My Life
    Have you ever loved someone so much that you feel like your life depends on them? Well, if you feel that way for a guy, why not call him “Mi Vida?” It will tell him how much he means to you.
  4. Corazon
    Translation: Sweetheart
    This literary means “heart,” but when used in a romantic setting, it means someone special, in short, a “sweetheart.” It should only be used to refer to a guy that is special in your life.

You can find more nicknames in our post on pet names for boyfriend in Spanish.


Whether you use these sweet Spanish love words and phrases to flirt with or to seduce your special someone, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband; do so with all honesty. Love should not be manipulated; these words should come from a pure heart.

And as you are now armed with all this new knowledge, a foreign language should be no barrier anymore to express your love.