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spanish love words for boyfriend

13 Spanish Love Words for Boyfriend (with Explanation)

We all like to give nicknames or pet names to the persons we are particularly fond of. Plus, it’s emotive to refer to that special someone using his or her unique nickname. So, are you tired of calling your boyfriend or partner by using the same old pet names? If you are nodding right now, then you must be looking for some fun, innovative, adorable, and sweet nicknames for him. Aren’t you? Well, do not worry anymore now! This article will reveal a total of “thirteen Spanish love words for boyfriend” that you can use in order to impress your beloved male partner. Especially if he’s from Spain or South America, a nickname in his native language will show him how much you care about him and his cultural background.

Whether you are looking for something romantic, spicy or funny, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to reveal more details on this topic.

spanish love words for boyfriend

List of 13 Spanish Love Words for Boyfriend

If you want to make the man in your life feel ecstatic, it’s a good idea to give him some unique pet name. You may be calling your partner with some typical, cute, and cheesy pet names, such as babe, darling, or honey. So, what’s about the idea of calling him with an unusual nickname that’s derived from a foreign language like Spanish.

Do you know that Spanish is widely considered to be one of the most romantic languages? Therefore, without a doubt, a Spanish pet name for your boyfriend will sound amazingly romantic. Plus, if your boyfriend knows Spanish, he is bound to be impressed with his new Spanish pet name. And if he’s from a Spanish speaking country, he will appreciate your effort even more.

For your reference, we have compiled a list of the thirteen most popular and widely used Spanish love phrases for boyfriend that are ideal to be used for male partners.

  1. Amado Mio
    English Translation: My love
    This is another incredibly romantic Spanish word which literally translates to “My love.” You can start using this nickname for your boyfriend and bestow your love for him.
  2. Gordito
    English Translation: Chubby
    The literal meaning of this Spanish word is “chubby” or “little fatty.” It is used as a non-offensive form of endearment towards your loved one. This nickname is widely used among the Spanish couples to refer to a cute and probably slightly overweight boyfriend.
  3. Pollito
    English Translation: Small Chicken
    The literal translation of this particular word is “small chicken” or fledgling. It may sound odd in English but just think of similar expressions like “bird” or “chick” in English (even though they are only used for females). When used in Spanish, “Pollito“ refers to someone cute and adorable.
  4. Lindo
    English Translation: Cute
    This Spanish word has a very romantic meaning. It is widely used to refer to the male version of the English word of cute. You can certainly use this word in order to showcase your love and affection towards your partner by calling him the Spanish version of cute, i.e. Lindo.
  5. Maravilloso
    English Translation: A marvelous person
    Your boyfriend may be the most wonderful person in your life. He has probably made your life even more beautiful. So, do you believe that this amazing person needs an appropriate pet name? If yes, then you may call him a Spanish word — “Maravilloso” (it means someone who’s marvelous).
  6. Principe
    English Translation: Prince
    Principe means prince. So, if you think of your boyfriend as a handsome young prince riding a white horse, this would be the perfect nickname.
    And if you want to take things a little bit further and even more fairytale-like, you may call him “Principe Azul.” The meaning of this Spanish term is “Charming Prince.”
  7. Rey
    English Translation: King
    This Spanish word translates to King. Well suited if your friend is a more mature person than a prince. And yes, we all know, the real ruler in any household is the woman, of course. But any man will be delighted if you at least give him the impression it’s the other way round.
  8. Guapo
    English Translation: Handsome
    Is your boyfriend a really handsome guy and do you love his attractive physique? If so, then you may consider calling him “Guapo” from now on. Are you wondering about the meaning of this magic word? Well, it’s rather simple. “Guapo” means handsome.
  9. Ojos de Cielo
    English Translation: Blue Eyes
    This is another interesting Spanish term that has a special and unique meaning. “Ojos de Cielo” translates to Heaven eyes or baby blue eyes. So, if your boyfriend’s beautiful blue eyes are one of his most significant features, do not hesitate to call him “Ojos de Cielo.”
  10. Chocolatito
    English Translation: Little Chocolate
    Does your boyfriend have a sweet tooth? If this is so, then here’s another unusual Spanish nickname for him, i.e., Chocolatito. It stands for little chocolate.
  11. Corazón mio
    English Translation: My Heart
    “Corazón” means heart in Spanish. And very similar to English, in Spanish it can be used both to refer to the organ as well as the more romantic concept of a heart. So, “Corazón mio” means “my heart” or “my sweetheart.”
  12. Amor mio
    English Translation: My love
    Similar to “Amado mio,” “Amor mio” means “my love.” You can use this pet name to emphasize that he is the living manifestation of love.
  13. (Mi) Hombre
    English Translation: My Man
    The English translation of this particular word is “my man.”

Spanish Love Phrases for Boyfriend

Apart from romantic pet names, there are many other romantic Spanish phrases you can use to charm your boyfriend. Let’s start with some terms of endearment in the Spanish language.

  1. Me gustas
    Me gustas” means as much as “I like you.” Not the strongest emotion, but things have to start somewhere, right?
  2. Me gustas mucho
    Me gustas mucho” is taking things up a notch. “I like you a lot” would be the literal translation.
  3. Te quiero
    Te quiero” is more serious, as it means “I love you.” Quite a statement, but a phrase you would also use for a child or a relative.
  4. Te quiero mucho
    Again, “mucho” emphasizes what we say. So, “te quiero mucho” translates as “I love you very much“.
  5. Te amo
    Te amo” also means “I love you,” but this time in the romantic sense. This Spanish phrase should be reserved for the one and only.
  6. Yo también te amo
    When your loved one already said “te amo” to you, you may reply with “yo también te amo.” This Spanish love phrase means “I love you too.”
  7. Te amo más
    Well, there’s only one reply to the last phrase. And that is to say “te amo más.” It stands for “I love you more.” OK, some may see it as competitive, but others will think it’s sweet.

So, with this list, we gave you a total of thirteen Spanish love words for boyfriend or male partner. Each of them has its specific meaning.

Now it is up to you to choose the one that’s the best fit for that special man in your life.

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