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french word for luggage - les bagages

Luggage in French – French Vocabulary 101


I like traveling because it broadens my horizons and I get away from the usual monotony at home and at work.

But what stresses me out every time is the packing. Do I have enough T-shirts, pants and socks? Have I packed the toothbrush? And where is my passport? And will all the stuff fit into my suitcase?

However, today we are not talking about stress. We are talking about the word for luggage in French.

The French word for luggage is les bagages.

“Le bagage” means a single piece of baggage in French, which can be everything starting from a bag over a suitcase up to a backpack. And the plural form of “bagage” simply means several items – or in short “the luggage”.

Now let’s see which words we have with luggage and how the French translations look like.

luggage in french: bagages
Luggage cart in French: chariot à bagages — Image by G37G from Pixabay

Luggage in French

Some explanation

English ExpressionsFrench TranslationsGender
bulky luggagebagages volumineuxmasculine
cabin luggagebagages de cabinemasculine
excess luggageexcédent de bagagesmasculine
free luggagebagage gratuitmasculine
hand luggagebagage à mainmasculine
left luggage locker (British English)consigne à bagagesfeminine
left-luggage office (British English)dépôt de bagagesmasculine
luggage barrowbrouette à bagagesfeminine
luggage beltceinture à bagagesfeminine
luggage carouselcarrousel à bagagesmasculine
luggage cartchariot à bagagesmasculine
luggage compartmentcompartiment à bagagesmasculine
luggage countercomptoir à bagagesmasculine
luggage dumpdécharge de bagagesfeminine
luggage inspectioninspection des bagagesfeminine
luggage insurance (British English)assurance bagagesfeminine
luggage labelétiquette à bagagesfeminine
luggage lockercasier à bagagesmasculine
luggage netfilet à bagagesmasculine
luggage officebureau des bagagesmasculine
luggage rackporte-bagagesmasculine
luggage receiptreçu de bagagemasculine
luggage spaceespace bagagesmasculine
luggage tagétiquette à bagagesfeminine
luggage ticketticket de bagagemasculine
luggage trolleychariot à bagagesmasculine
luggage trunk (American English)coffre à bagagesmasculine
luggage vanfourgon à bagagesmasculine
luggage wagonwagon à bagagesmasculine
roof luggage rackgalerie (d’un véhicule)feminine
French for suitcase: La valise
French for suitcase: La valise — Image by Steffen L. from Pixabay

Example Sentences

  • Les passagers sont priés d’enregistrer leurs bagages à main, car le vol est complet et nous n’avons pas assez de place dans les casiers supérieurs. – Passengers are asked to check in their carry-on baggage, as the flight is fully booked and we do not have enough space in the overhead lockers.
  • Je suis désolé, madame. Mais un bagage à main par personne, c’est la limite. – I’m sorry, lady. But one piece of hand luggage per person is the limit.