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le pompier

Firefighter in French – French Vocabulary 101


Always there to help us when a house is on fire, an accident happened or even when there’s a kitten which needs to be rescued from a tree. Firefighters are the real life equivalent of the super heroes from comic books. So, let us celebrate them and learn more about the translation for firefighter in French.

The French word for firefighter is "le pompier" (plural: les pompiers).

Did you know that the Paris Fire Brigade was founded under the name “Corps des gardes-pompes de la ville de Paris” in 1793? It was one of the earliest professional fire departments in Europe. After a massive fire in the Austrian embassy in 1810, Napoleon declared this corps a military unit under the new name “Bataillon de sapeurs-pompiers de Paris.” They are known today as the “Brigade de sapeurs-pompiers de Paris.”

firefighters in french: les pompiers
Les pompiers — Image by Bernd Rehbein from Pixabay

Firefighter in French

Female fire fighters are simply called just that in French, “femme pompier” (meaning female firefighter) . The plural uses the plural form of pompier for both genders.

English ExpressionsSpanish TranslationsGender
firefighter (male)le pompiermasculine
firefighter (female)la femme pompierfeminine
firefightersles pompiersplural
fire brigade (British English)la brigade des pompiersfeminine
fire department (American English)la brigade des pompiersfeminine
fire drilll’exercice d’incendiemasculine
fire extinguisherl’extincteurmasculine
firefighter helmetle casque de pompiermasculine
fire hosele tuyau d’incendiemasculine
fire pumpla pompe à incendiefeminine
firefighter in french: pompier
Fire truck — Image by Kerstin Riemer from Pixabay

Example Sentences

  • Au total, 38 pompiers ont travaillé pendant 10 heures pour maîtriser les flammes. — All in all, 38 firefighters were on the job for 10 hours to get the flames under control.
  • Un pompier a réussi à sauver le bébé des flammes au péril de sa vie. — One firefighter was able to save the baby from the flames at the risk of his own life.
  • La jeune pompière a reçu un certificat de mérite pour ses performances exceptionnelles lors de ses nombreuses missions. — The young firefighter received a certificate of merit for her exceptional performance during her numerous missions.
  • Les pompiers interviennent non seulement lors d’incendies domestiques, mais aussi lors de catastrophes, telles que des inondations, et également lors de graves accidents de la route faisant de nombreuses victimes. — Firefighters help not only with house fires, but also with disaster relief, such as floods, and likewise with serious traffic accidents with many victims.


The word for firefighter in French is “pompier” (male) or “femme pompier” (female).