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10 Really Sweet French Pet Names For Boyfriend


We’ve all heard of pet names in English for our significant others, such as “sweetie” or “baby.” But have you ever thought about using French pet names for boyfriend?

French nicknames for guys are some of the most popular nicknames around. They are also some of the hardest to get right. This article will show you how to avoid these mistakes and come up with a perfect French nickname for your guy friend or partner.

I’m not talking about the word “beau” here—that simply means “beautiful,” which is a perfectly acceptable term of endearment, but it doesn’t have the same verve as some of the other phrases we’re going to explore below. SO, let’s take a look at our list of

Great French Pet Names for Boyfriend

1. Mon Amour

This term means “my love,” and it can be used with pets, family members, friends, or lovers. You can use it in any context: to describe how much you love something (mon amour pour le pain!), or as a way to show affection toward someone else.

2. Mon Chéri

If you want to say something like “honey” or “sweetheart,” you could use the French pet names for boyfriend mon chéri. It literally means “my dear one.” It’s a common name in French given to pets and people can also share this name.

You may hear this used by men and women alike, depending on the region you’re in and the context. Chéri comes from the word cher, which means “dear” or “expensive.” So you can see how using chérie as a term of endearment shows how valuable someone is to you!

3. Mon Homme

Meaning: “My man“: These French pet names for boyfriend are a classic, but they remain still romantic as ever. This is an easy one to slip into your regular vocabulary, no matter your French level. It’s also great for social media captions or a quick text to make your partner smile.

3. Ma Mie – My bread!

This is a term of endearment that has its origins in the Middle Ages when bread was a staple of every meal and people would refer to their spouse as the bread earner or bread maker of the family and so were often called a mie’ or on mie’my bread!

4. Ma Puce

The best pet names are usually ones that have some sort of meaning behind them. In this case, “Ma Puce” means “my flea.” It may sound odd at first, but when you consider the fact that fleas are known for jumping from one place to another with extreme speed, it makes sense why this nickname is common among French couples.

Many people feel as though their significant other brings excitement into their lives and makes them feel alive—and what could be more exciting than jumping from place-to-place like a flea?

5. Mon Coeur

Literally meaning “my heart”, this French pet name can be reserved for someone you truly care about.

6. Mon Ange

The French word for “angel” is un ange (masc.) or une ange (fem.). Your guy might grumble if you call him a little angel, so stick with mon ange instead! You can use ange as a very romantic pet name for your boyfriend.

7. Ma Poupée, Mon Lapin

You can call your partner “doll” or “bunny” in French! These are cute and playful terms of endearment.

8. Mon Bébé

This literally translates as “my baby” in French. This term is a bit more romantic than the previous ones.

9. Mon Belle

This is a more poetic and elegant way to say “my beautiful.”

10. Mon Loup

Some men don’t like to be addressed as “bunny” or “angel”, but prefer a more manly nickname instead. So if your partner falls into this category, “mon loup” might do the trick for him. It translates into English as “my wolf” and should contain enough testosterone even for the most manly alpha-males.

Why You Should Put Some Time and Effort into Finding the Perfect French Pet Name For Your Partner

French pet names for boyfriend make lovely nicknames for your partner. But it’s not just about the name. It’s about the story behind it.

The perfect pet name is not just a word or two that you pull out of thin air. It is something that you and your partner come up with together. It is a story that you will share with your children one day, or your grandchildren, and it will be a part of your family history for generations to come.

If you haven’t found the perfect name for your boyfriend yet, why not take a look at our french words of endearment as well? Or, if you don’t mind another language, how about Spanish love words for your boyfriend?