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What in The World is Pidgin English?


Awhile back, I came across this really odd form of the English language called Pidgin English. It’s like someone took English, chopped it up, removed all grammar rules and then threw out any unnecessary words. You could say it sounds like baby-talk almost. What is comes down to is a simplified, non-BS form of English.

A lot of it might sound incomprehensible. It really isn’t something you could start speaking or understand right away. There is more than one form of pidgin however. Each type is a separate language that will still take time to learn, although you might be able to get the gist of what someone is saying.

Here are some examples phrases of Nigerian pidgin.

  • You fall my hand – You disappoint me
  • I no gree – I don’t agree
  • No sabi – I don’t understand
  • Na so? – Is that so?

Kind of understandable I’d say, but what about this guy speaking Cameroonian pidgin?

There are all kinds of pidgin English out there. Hawaiian, Nigerian, Chinese, Spanish and even Basque-Icelandic. English phrases like “long time no see” and “look-see” actually come from Chinese pidgin.

Pidgin in all its various types is still used in many places all over the world, especially in Western Africa and places like Papau New Guinea.

Here’s a map of where you can find a form spoken.


If you really want to learn a unique language or just confuse the crap out of your friends, then I think learning a form of pidgin English would be cool. Not for me though, just thought it was interesting and wanted to share.


Do you know of any other unique forms of languages like this? Speak any form of pidgin English?