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german word for kitchen: küche

Kitchen in German – German Vocabulary 101


It’s seems to be a rule of nature that at every house party, no matter how nicely you arranged the dining room, people sooner or later start gathering in the kitchen. Even if our kitchens are usually all electric nowadays, we all seem to have this stone-age urge to assemble around the fire where the meals are cooked.

Germans, of course, are no different in this aspect. But what is the translation for kitchen in German and what are the names for all the kitchen items in German? You can find out in our German kitchen vocabulary below. And as you might know, there are a number of renowned German brands for kitchen appliances. So make yourself a cup of coffee in the “Kaffeemaschine” (coffee maker), and make yourself comfortable at the “Küchentisch” (kitchen table). There’s a lot to learn in today’s blog post.

Kitchen in German

the kitchen in german: die Küche
German word for kitchen: die Küche — Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

The German word for kitchen is “die Küche” (plural: “die Küchen”). As you will probably know, all nouns have a gender in German (masculine, feminine or neuter), and “die Küche” is feminine. The word itself stems from the Latin “cocina” for kitchen, a room for cooking.

English ExpressionsGerman TranslationsGender
kitchendie Küchefeminine
built-in kitchen / fitted kitchendie Einbauküchefeminine
country kitchendie Landhausküchefeminine
dustbinder Mülleimermasculine
kitchen cabinetder Küchenschrankmasculine
kitchen clockdie Küchenuhrfeminine
kitchen countertopdie Arbeitsplattefeminine
kitchen equipmentdie Kücheneinrichtungfeminine
kitchen gardender Küchengartenfeminine
kitchen helpdie Küchenhilfefeminine
kitchen hooddie Dunstabzugshaubefeminine
kitchen islanddie Kücheninselfeminine
kitchen knifedas Küchenmesserneuter
kitchen paperdas Küchentuchneuter
kitchen radiodas Küchenradioneuter
kitchen rolldie Küchenrollefeminine
kitchen saltdas Kochsalzneuter
kitchen scalesdie Küchenwaagefeminine
kitchen sinkdie Spüle / das Spülbeckenfeminine / neuter
kitchen staffdas Küchenpersonalneuter
kitchen stoveder Küchenherdmasculine
kitchen tableder Küchentischmasculine
kitchen timerder Küchenweckermasculine
kitchen toweldas Geschirrtuchneuter
kitchen unitdie Küchenzeilefeminine
kitchen utensildas Küchengerätneuter
kitchen wastedie Küchenabfälleplural (singular is masculine)
kitchenettedie Kochnische / die Küchenzeilefeminine

Example Sentences

  • Ich muss dringend die Küche saubermachen! — I really need to clean the kitchen!
  • In meinem neuen Haus möchte ich unbedingt eine Kücheninsel in meiner neuen Küche. — In my new house, I really want a kitchen island in my new kitchen.
  • Ich wünsche mir einen kleinen Küchengarten, dann hätte ich immer frische Kräuter zur Hand, wenn ich koche. — I wish I had a small kitchen garden, then I would always have fresh herbs on hand when I cook.

Kitchen Utensils in German

cheese grater in german: käsereibe
Cheese grater in German: die Käsereibe — Image by lcb from Pixabay

Apart from appliances and cookware, there’s also a numerous amount of utensils you need in the kitchen. So we will also delve into the German words for kitchen utensils (“die Küchenutensilien“).

English ExpressionsGerman TranslationsGender
bottle openerder Flaschenöffnermasculine
can opener (American English)der Dosenöffnermasculine
cheese graterdie Käsereibefeminine
cheese slicerder Käsehobelmasculine
citrus juicerdie Zitruspressefeminine
corkscrewder Korkenziehermasculine
dough scraperder Teigschabermasculine
egg slicerder Eierschneidermasculine
funnelder Trichtermasculine
garlic pressdie Knoblauchpressefeminine
graterdie Reibefeminine
hand blenderder Stabmixermasculine
handheld electric mixerder Handmixermasculine
mandolin slicerder Gemüsehobelmasculine
masherder Kartoffelstampfermasculine
meat tenderizerder Fleischklopfermasculine
meat thermometerdas Fleischthermometerneuter
mortarder Mörsermasculine
pestleder Stößelmasculine
pizza cutterder Pizzaschneidermasculine
potato peelerder Kartoffelschälermasculine
scissorsdie Scherefeminine
skewerder Schaschlikspießmasculine
spatulader Pfannenwendermasculine
spitder Bratspießmasculine
tin opener (British English)der Dosenöffnermasculine
wooden spoonder Kochlöffelmasculine
zest cutterder Zestenschneidermasculine

Example Sentences

  • Wo ist denn schon wieder der Dosenöffner hingekommen? — Where did the can opener go again?
  • Jetzt habe ich mich an der Käsereibe geschnitten! — Now I’ve cut myself on the cheese grater!
  • Ich liebe es, die Teigreste vom Teigschaber zu lecken. — I love licking the dough scraps off the dough scraper.

Sayings with Kitchen in German

  • in Teufels Küche kommen / geraten
    literally translates to: to get into devils kitchen
    meaning: to get into trouble
  • den Braten riechen
    literally translates to: to smell the roast
    meaning: to have the strong feeling something is wrong, comes from a German
  • das sieht aus wie Kraut und Rüben
    literally translates as: this looks like cabbage and beets
    meaning: a big mess – from kitchen language, where cabbage and beets are mixed together


Kitchens don’t only sell houses, they are an important part of every home. And as you have been reading this article until the end, you now know a lot more about German kitchen vocabulary than just how to say kitchen in German.