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lingq review

Complete LingQ Review by Zach

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LingQ is an online language learning tool created by the well-known YouTuber and polyglot, Steve Kaufmann, and is a great tool for learning a language. You might have seen or heard about it already if you’re in the language learning community but you might be wondering exactly what it is. You are about to find out in our lingq review.

What it is:

Basically, you listen and read through texts which are just lessons. As you go through the text, you click on the words that you already know and click “known.” For the words you don’t know, you use context clues to figure out but you can also click on the word to see the definition. You then set a level from 1-5 meaning how well you know it. This is called a “LingQ.” Whenever you come across the word in another text, you can choose to raise the level of it.

Over time, you’ll start to see more words that you know, and eventually you’ll be reading whole texts using this method.

At the time of this writing, LingQ offers over 11 languages to choose from – including 12 beta languages.

What to Anticipate:

So you might be wondering, “Is LingQ effective and does it even work?

People learn differently and at different rates of speed. Some will learn better through text, visuals and some by audio. LingQ is based completely on listening and reading so be sure to take this into consideration.

Either way, LingQ is very effective at doing what it is meant to do and the method that is used to teach is fantastic. As long as you stick to it, you will find that it works well.

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  • You learn naturally through reading and listening
  • Your listening comprehension will improve
  • Short and effective lessons
  • You can use it anywhere since it’s on the web, Android, and iPhone
  • The native speakers speak normally and not slowed which is actually better


  • You have to pay monthly for extra features which you may want
  • Limited to a certain amount of LingQ’s (but you can refer friends and get more)
  • Free alternatives exist (but are harder to set-up)
  • No writing lessons

Conclusion Lingq Review:

In conclusion of our lingq review, I would say that it is a good tool to have in your arsenal. If you’re determined and motivated to learn a new language or just need another resource, then this will do the job. Click here to check it out for yourself.