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almond tree blossom in spring in spain

Spring in Spanish – Spanish Vocabulary 101


You may associate Spain more with long days at the beach and warm summer evenings. But the country does have four seasons, just like the other European countries. The winters are considerably shorter than in the north though, and when spring kicks in, the sun is getting stronger and the air is getting warmer. Nature awakens once more, the trees are getting green again and beautiful flowers paint colorful spots across the landscape. So in this article, as you rightly assumed, we are talking about spring in Spanish.

When does Spring start in Spain?

In southern Spain, as in Andalusia, spring awakens already in the months of March and April. It is the best travel time for tours and city trips. From a North-European point of view, May is almost a summer month in terms of temperatures and sunshine duration.

For a trip to Seville or Granada, spring is an excellent time to travel. An alternative are excursions and tours to the natural parks and mountain landscapes with their charming white villages.

The Spanish word for spring is la primavera (feminine, no plural).

As the word spring has other meanings in English than just the season (like e.g. “coiled spring” or “spring lock”), we will cover these as well at the end of this post.

Spring in Spanish Season

field with poppies in spring in spanish
Spanish field with poppies in Spring — Image by Anne and Saturnino Miranda from Pixabay

Let’s look at spring related expressions in English and what the translations in the Spanish language are.

English ExpressionsSpanish TranslationsGender
spring awakeningel despertar de la primaveramasculine
spring breaklas vacaciones de primaveraplural
spring chickenel pollito de primaveramasculine
spring cleaningla limpieza de primaverafeminine
spring dayel día de primaveramasculine
spring festivalla fiesta de la primaverafeminine
spring feverla fiebre de primaverafeminine
spring flowersla flores de primaveraplural
spring makeoverla cura de primaverafeminine
spring monthel mes de la primaveramasculine
spring onionla cebolletafeminine
spring rollel rollo de primaveramasculine
spring shoppinglas compras de primaveraplural
spring therapyla terapia de primaverafeminine
spring tirednessel cansancio primaveralmasculine
spring weatherel tiempo de primaveramasculine
spring wheatel trigo de primaveramasculine
spring woodla madera de primaverafeminine

Example Sentences

  • He estado cansado todo el día. Supongo que debe ser el cansancio primaveral. — I have been tired all day. I guess it must be spring tiredness.
  • Después del frío y aburrido invierno, estoy deseando que llegue el calor y la luz que trae la primavera. — After the cold and dull winter, I can’t wait for the warmth and light the spring weather brings.
  • Estas vacaciones de primavera, estamos planeando ir a Barcelona. — This spring break, we are planing to go to Barcelona.
  • En abril, mi mujer suele decorar nuestra casa con flores de primavera. — In April my wife usually decorates our house with spring flowers.

Spring in Spanish as a Verb

blossoming almond tree in spain
Blossoming almond tree (almendro en flor) in Spain — Image by Dieter Ludwig Scharnagl from Pixabay

The English verb “to spring” has several different meanings, so we have to give you a couple of Spanish words with similar meanings.

English VerbsSpanish Translations
to spring (to jump)saltar
to spring (to bounce)rebotar
to spring (to fizz)burbujear
to spring (to well)hincharse
to spring (to swell)brotar
to spring forwardpara saltar hacia adelante
to spring from somethingsurgir de algo
to spring into actionpara entrar en acción
to spring out of somethingsalir de algo
to spring openpara abrirse de golpe
to spring to one’s feetponerse en pie
to spring toward someonesaltar hacia alguien
to spring uppara que surja

Example Sentences

  • La gran rama saltó hacia atrás y golpeó a Harry en la frente. — The large branch sprang back and hit Harry on his forehead.
  • Cuando el general entró en la habitación, el soldado se puso en pie de un salto. — When the general entered the room, the soldier sprang to his feet.
  • Cuando se pulsa este botón, la caja se abre. — When your press this button, the box springs open.

Other words containing Spring in Spanish

mountain spring
A mountain spring — Photo by Little Visuals

Spring has other meanings apart from the season in the English language. So it can also mean e.g. the source of a river, or a coiled spring. So, if you were looking for these, here are other translations of the word spring in the Spanish language.

English ExpressionsSpanish TranslationsGender
box springel muelle de cajamasculine
coil springel muelle helicoidalmasculine
mountain springel manantial de montañamasculine
spring (of a river)la fuentefeminine
spring constantla constante del muellefeminine
spring gunla pistola de resortefeminine
spring lockla cerradura de resortefeminine
spring mattressel colchón de muellesmasculine
spring scalela balanza de resortefeminine
spring waterel agua del manantialmasculine
springform panel molde desmontablemasculine

Example Sentences

  • El agua fría del manantial la hizo temblar mientras se enjuagaba el pelo con ella. — The cold spring water mad her shiver as she rinsed her hair with it.
  • La caja de música empieza a sonar cuando se abre la tapa con el cierre de muelle. — The music box starts to play when the lid with the spring lock is opened.