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spanish word for luggage - equipaje

Luggage in Spanish – Spanish Vocabulary 101


Going on a trip is always an exciting adventure. You get to know new places and new people. And when you travel to another country, maybe you get to know a different culture.

What I don’t like about traveling is packing suitcases. How many pants, shirts and socks do I need? Do I need mosquito repellent or a rain jacket? And do I need sunscreen or blister plasters? And how do I get all that into my suitcase?

But anyway, we’re not talking about packing suitcases today. We are talking about the word for luggage in Spanish.

The Spanish word for luggage is el equipaje.

Now let’s see which words we use with luggage and what the Spanish translations are.

luggage trolley in spanish: el carro portaequipajes
Luggage trolley in Spanish: el carro portaequipajes — Image by djedj from Pixabay

Luggage in Spanish

We have a lot of words around luggage in the English language. Let’s take a look at these and their Spanish counterparts.

English ExpressionsSpanish TranslationsGender
bulky luggageel equipaje voluminosomasculine
cabin luggageel equipaje de cabinamasculine
excess luggageel exceso de equipajemasculine
free luggageel equipaje libremasculine
hand luggageel equipaje de manomasculine
left luggage locker (British English)el armario de equipaje izquierdofeminine
left-luggage office (British English)la oficina de equipajesmasculine
luggageel equipajemasculine
luggage barrowla carretilla de equipajefeminine
luggage beltel cinturón de equipajefeminine
luggage carouselel carrusel de equipajesmasculine
luggage cartel carro portaequipajesmasculine
luggage compartmentel maleteromasculine
luggage counterel mostrador de equipajesmasculine
luggage dumpel vertedero de equipajesfeminine
luggage inspectionla inspección de equipajesfeminine
luggage insurance (British English)el seguro de equipajefeminine
luggage labella etiqueta del equipajefeminine
luggage lockerla consigna de equipajemasculine
luggage netla red de equipajemasculine
luggage officela oficina de equipajesmasculine
luggage rackel portaequipajesmasculine
luggage receiptel recibo de equipajemasculine
luggage spaceel espacio para el equipajemasculine
luggage tagla etiqueta de equipajefeminine
luggage ticketel billete de equipajemasculine
luggage trolleyel carro portaequipajesmasculine
luggage trunk (American English)el maleteromasculine
luggage vanla furgoneta de equipajesmasculine
luggage wagonel vagón de equipajesmasculine
roof luggage rackel portaequipajes del techofeminine
luggage in spanish - el equipaje
Suitcase in Spanish: la maleta — Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Example Sentences

  • Se aconseja a los pasajeros que facturen su equipaje de mano, ya que este vuelo está completo y es posible que no haya espacio suficiente en los compartimentos superiores. – Passengers are advised to check in their hand luggage, as this flight is fully booked and there may not be enough space in the overhead lockers.
  • Lo siento, señor. Pero una pieza de equipaje de mano es el límite. – I am sorry, sir. But one piece of hand luggage is the limit.