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el camión de bomberos

Firetruck in Spanish – Spanish Vocabulary 101


As a kid I always admired firefighters on their big shiny trucks. Not only were the firefighters real life super heroes, their huge fire trucks with their loud sirens also made an immense impression on me. So today’s topic is the translation for firetruck in Spanish.

The Spanish word for firetruck is "el camión de bomberos" (plural: los camiones de bomberos).

Even though there are different words for male firefighters in Spanish (el bombero) and their female colleagues (la bombera), there is only one plural form: los bomberos.

So “el camión de bomberos” is literally “the truck of the firefighters”.

firetruck in spanish: el camión de bomberos
Image by automatic6517 from Pixabay

Firetruck in Spanish

As in English, there are slightly different words in Spanish for fire trucks.

English ExpressionsSpanish TranslationsGender
fire truckel camión de bomberosmasculine
fire engineel coche de bomberosmasculine
fire-fighting vehicleel vehículo contra incendiosmasculine
turntable ladderla escalera de la plataforma giratoriafeminine
turntable ladder in spanish: escalera de la plataforma giratoria
The turntable ladder in Spanish: La escalera de la plataforma giratoria — Image by Markus Zemsch from Pixabay

Example Sentences with Firetruck in Spanish

  • Fueron necesarios 46 bomberos y 8 camiones de bomberos para hacer frente al incendio. — It took 46 firefighters and 8 fire trucks to deal with the blaze.
  • Los bomberos deben poder confiar en su equipo. Por eso dedican mucho tiempo a cuidarlo, y por eso los camiones de bomberos siempre están relucientes y nuevos. — Firefighters must be able to rely on their equipment. That’s why they spend a lot of time taking care of it, and why fire trucks always look shiny and new.
  • Un punto destacado del desfile de este año fueron los 12 camiones de bomberos históricos del cuerpo de bomberos local. Con ello se conmemoraba cómo el cuerpo de bomberos salvó a la ciudad de un incendio total hace 50 años. — A special highlight of this year’s parade were the 12 historic fire trucks of the local fire department. This was to commemorate how the fire department saved the city from burning down completely 50 years ago.