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American Sign Language – Books for Self-Study

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American Sign Language ( commonly abbreviated as ASL) is the dominant sign language in the USA and Canada. It is closely related to French Sign Language (LSF). ASL Dialects and related sign languages are spoken on the Caribbean islands, in Guatemala, in Southeast Asia (Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong) as well as in Nigeria, Ghana and other countries in Africa.

Signing Illustrated

by Mickey Flodin

The easy to use guide that offers a quick and easy approach to learning which includes fingerspelling exercises, drawings, vocabulary reviews and more. One of the most popular American Sign Language books.

Signing Made Easy

by Rod Butterworth & Mickey Flodin

An intensive step-by-step approach to learning and understanding sign language. It comes with practice exercises and even drills to help you.

Talking With Your Hands, Listening With Your Eyes

by Gabriel Grayson

Inside of this book you will find explanations on things like signing basics, and others such as handshapes, fingerspelling, and etiquette. In total you’ll find over 1,700 words and phrases in the rest of the chapters. The book also goes in-depth into the aspects of deaf history and culture.

Sign Language Made Simple

by Karen Lewis

Inside of Sign Language Made Simple, you will see over 1,200+ illustrations. The book is very easy to use, and enjoyable to read. It’s a great book with a great price.

The American Sign Language Phrasebook

by Lou Fant, Barbara Bernstein Fant & Betty Miller

To put it plainly, this ASL book has been the go-to resource for the deaf and the individuals who must communicate with them such as family, and friends.

American Sign Language Dictionary

by Martin Sternberg

A well illustrated reference book on all things sign language. It’s very well-written and includes easily understood instructions for the proper use of each different sign. In total, the book has over 5,000 signs and around 8,000 illustrations. A must have.

Dirty Sign Language

by Van James T & Allison O

Learn the signs you won’t find being taught in any classroom. Slang, dirty words, and curse words… its got it all.

The Everything Sign Language Book

by Irene Duke

With over 300 illustrations, you’ll be able to get a quick grip on American Sign Language. Inside you’ll learn: the alphabet, questions, numbers, time and much more.