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spanish business phrases

Thank you for your Business in Spanish – Spanish Business Phrases

In today’s post we will explore some of the phrases that are used in a typical business process. We will also look at how these phrases are used in a daily business setting and how they can be applied to client and customer interactions.

Learn the most common phrases used in Spanish business culture. From “I’m sorry” to “I’m not interested”, we’ve got you covered. Learn how to say “Thank you for your Business” in Spanish, and other common phrases used in Spanish business culture.

General Business Phrases in Spanish

  • Thank you for your interest in our offer [name].
    Gracias por su interés en nuestra oferta [name].
  • With this letter you will receive the requested documents.
    Con esta carta recibirá los documentos solicitados.
  • If you still have questions, please just get in touch.
    Si todavía tiene preguntas, póngase en contacto con nosotros.
  • I look forward to hearing from you again and send my warmest regards.
    Espero volver a tener noticias suyas y le envío un cordial saludo.
  • I look forward to your response.
    Espero su respuesta.
  • Thank you very much for your quick help.
    Muchas gracias por su rápida ayuda.
  • We cordially invite you to our open day.
    Le invitamos cordialmente a nuestra jornada de puertas abiertas.
thank you for your business in spanish
Thank you for your business in Spanish: Gracias por su negocio! — Image by Alexandr Podvalny from Pixabay

Order Phrases in Spanish

  • Thank you for your trust!
    ¡Gracias por su confianza!
  • We have already sent out the documents.
    Ya hemos enviado los documentos.
  • We thank you for your business!  If you have any questions, please contact us at
    Gracias por su negocio.  Si tiene alguna pregunta, póngase en contacto con nosotros en
  • Thank you very much for your order and pleasant cooperation. With this e-mail you will receive the invoice. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Muchas gracias por su negocio y su agradable cooperación. Con este correo electrónico recibirá la factura. Si tiene más preguntas, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros.

Phrases when dealing with complaints in Spanish

  • Your request is important to us!
    Su preocupación es importante para nosotros.
  • The problem you reported is now fixed. Thank you for your note and patience!
    El problema que usted reportó ya ha sido resuelto. Gracias por su comentario y su paciencia.
  • You will receive your ordered items in six days. Unfortunately we had technical problems.
    Recibirá los artículos pedidos en seis días. Por desgracia, tuvimos problemas técnicos
  • We are pleased that we were able to clarify the matter.
    Nos alegramos de haber podido resolver el asunto.

Now you know a couple of business phrases like thank you for your business in Spanish and should be able to communicate with your Spanish speaking clients and business partners. We wish you lots of new customers and a huge success!