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spanish power outlet

Power Outlet in Spanish — Spanish Vocabulary 101


The magic of power outlets seems to be that there is none, when you most need it! However, your troubles get worse when you are in a foreign country, and you don’t even know the right word to ask for when you are looking for one. That is why today we are looking for the right expression to use for power outlet in Spanish.

May you cell phone always be online and your laptop batteries well charged!

The Spanish word for power outlet is toma de corriente.

In Spain mostly Plugs and Outlets of Type C and F are used, as in most European countries. So European travelers can use their equipment without adapters. This excludes British and Irish visitors who use Type G.

In South and Central America, all kinds of Plugs and outlets are in use, so you should check the system for your destination and get the necessary adapters before you start your journey.

power outlet in spanish: toma de corriente
Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

Other Terms around Power Outlet in Spanish

Here are some expressions you may also need when looking for a free outlet.

English ExpressionsSpanish TranslationsGender
network cableel cable de redmasculine
electricityla electricidadfeminine
extension cableel cable alargadormasculine
mains voltagela tensión de redfeminine
multi-socket power stripel enchufe múltiple / el ladrónmasculine
multiple power socketla toma de corriente múltiplefeminine
plugel enchufemasculine
to plug inenchufar
power socketla toma de corrientefeminine
power supplyla fuente de alimentaciónfeminine
to unplugpara desenchufar
wi-fiel wifimasculine

Example Sentences

  • ¿Tienes una toma de corriente libre por aquí? — Do you have a free outlet around here somewhere?
  • ¿Puedo utilizar esta toma de corriente? — May I use this power outlet?
  • ¿Puedo obtener la contraseña del wifi, por favor? — Can I get the wifi password please?