It’s an inevitable fact that you’ll need good language programs and resources to succeed. Out of all the ones out there, how do you know what’s good and what isn’t?

Here, I have went through and tested the most popular programs that exist and maybe some of the not so popular. This list will be updated periodically, so check back if a program isn’t on here yet!


Assimil Review

The best language learning course out there. Personally my favorite. Read, listen, repeat and learn naturally.


Pimsleur Approach Review

An audio based course where all you are required to do is listen. It’s great for getting you used to the sounds of a language and gets you speaking very quickly. It’s perfect for beginners.


Rocket Spanish Review

Listening, reading, and speaking – Rocket Spanish has you doing it all. It’s most effective with other courses but can be a great tool by itself if used properly.


LingQ Review

Learning naturally through texts. Just listen, read a long and then learn the words in the text. The more you use LingQ, the better it works.