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Animal Names in French (Les Noms des Animaux)


Animals are a fascinating subject, so we will talk about animal names in French in todays blog post! Animals have always played a significant role in the life of man. Initially, mainly either as prey or as a threat when man himself became the prey. Later, however, also as farm animals that performed the heavy work for us and, of course, as comrades and friends in the form of pets.
Particularly beautiful evidence of how far back the relationship between man and animal goes, can be found in France in the form of animal paintings dating back between 15,000 and possibly as early as 36,000 BC in the caves of Lascaux and Chauvet.

Table of Contents

Farm Animal Names in French – Noms des animaux de la ferme

farm animal names in french - chicken - les poulets
Les Poulets – Chicken –— Image by klimkin from Pixabay

Unfortunately, the old-fashioned farm with all kinds of different animals is pretty rare these days. The economic need for higher yields turned many farms into highly specialized mono-cultures.

But more and more farmers are turning to environmentally friendly farming, and their livestock is often more like we used to know it. All sorts of animals, each producing a different food. So, if you want to show your kids a farm like it’s still pictured in many children’s books with all kinds of farm animals, these are the ones to visit.

Farm Animals in French – Les animaux de la ferme

AnimalFrench SingularFrench PluralIndefinite Article
Boarle sanglierles sangliersun sanglier
Bullle taureaules taureauxun taureau
Cattlela vachele bétailune vache
Chickle poussinles poussinsun poussin
Chickenle pouletles pouletsun poulet
Cowla vacheles vachesune vache
Donkeyl’âneles ânesun âne
Duckle canardles canardsun canard
Ewela brebisles brebisune brebis
Ganderle jarsles jarsun jars
Goatla chèvreles chèvresune chèvre
Goosel’oieles oiesune oie
He-Goatle boucles boucsun bouc
Horsele chevalles chevauxun cheval
Oxle bœufles boeufsun bœuf
Pigle cochonles cochonsun cochon
Pigletle porceletles porceletsun porcelet
Ramle bélierles béliersun bélier
Roosterle coqueles coqsun coque
Sheeple moutonle moutonun mouton
Stallionl’étalonles étalonsun étalon
Farm Animals in French – Les animaux de la ferme

French Names for Pets (Noms des animaux domestiques)

pet names in french - rabbit = lapin
Image by Alex S. from Pixabay

French bulldogs have been immensely popular in recent years. But apart from bulldogs, the French have other pets as well such as birds, cats, or hamsters. So let’s take a look at pet names in French. (When you are searching for bird names, please scroll down to the appropriate section.)

AnimalFrench SingularFrench PluralIndefinite Article
Catle chatles chatsun chat
Dogle chienles chiensun chien
Guinea Pigle cochon d’Indeles cochons d’indeun cochon d’Inde
Hamsterle hamsterles hamstersun hamster
Harele lièvreles lièvreun lièvre
Mousela sourisles sourisune souris
Rabbitle lapinles lapinsun lapin
Ratle ratles ratsun rat
Snakele serpentles serpentsun serpent
Turtlela tortueles tortuesune tortue
French Names for Pets – Noms des animaux domestiques

French Animal Names for Forest Animals

forest animals in french - badger = blaireau
Forest animals in French: badger = blaireau – Image by andy ballard from Pixabay

The woods are great places to take a walk and relax. The air is clean and full of oxygen, the trees, shrubs, lakes and brooks are beautiful. And when you’re lucky you can se all kinds of animals as well. Little ones like ants or hedgehogs or larger ones like foxes or badgers, they are all fascinating. Just make sure you keep a respectful distance, so you don’t scare them and both you and the animal stay safe.

AnimalFrench SingularFrench PluralIndefinite Article
Antla fourmiles fourmisune fourmi
Badgerle blaireaules blaireauxun blaireau
Batla chauve-sourisles chauves-sourisune chauve-souris
Blind Wormle ver lentles vers lentsun ver lent
Brown Bearl’ours brunles ours brunsun ours brun
Fallow Deerle daimles daimun daim
Foxle renardles renardsun renard
Harele lièvreles lièvresun lièvre
Hedgehogle hérissonles hérissonsun hérisson
Lynxle lynxles lynxun lynx
Martenla martreles martresune martre
Rabbitle lapinles lapinsun lapin
Roe Deerle cerfles cerfun cerf
Wild Boarle sanglierles sangliersun sanglier
Wolfle louples loupsun loup
Forest Animals in French

Bird Names in French – Noms d’oiseaux

Sulphur-crested cockatoo
Image by Magnascan from Pixabay

Most people love birds. Many have spectacular colors and are lovely to watch. And some are able to sing most beautifully. And they can fly, which most of us will envy.

AnimalFrench SingularFrench PluralIndefinite Article
Atlantic Puffinle macareuxles macareuxun macareux
Budgiela perrucheles perruchesune perruche
Chickenle pouletles pouletsun poulet
Cockatoole cacatoèsles cacatoèsun cacatoès
Duckle canardles canardsun canard
Eaglel’aigleles aiglesun aigle
Magpiela pieles piesune pie
Owlla chouetteles chouettesune chouette
Parrotle perroquetles perroquetsun perroquet
Ravenle corbeaules corbeauxun corbeau
Sea-Gullla mouetteles mouettesune mouette
Sparrowle moineaules moineauxun moineau
Swallowl’hirondelleles hirondellesune hirondelle
Swanle cygneles cygnesun cygne
Vulturele vautourles vautoursun vautour
Birds in French

Fish Names in French

fish names in french - salmon = le saumon
Fish names in French: salmon = le saumon – Image by Cock-Robin from Pixabay

Fish are interesting and lovely to observe, whether its sweet water fish (poissons d’eau douce) or salt water fish (poissons d’eau salée). Which is of course the reason why so many people have fish tanks at home. Especially fish from warmer regions often have spectacular colors and I never get bored watching them.

AnimalFrench SingularFrench PluralIndefinite Article
Angel Fishle poisson-angele poisson-angeun poisson-ange
Carpla carpeles carpesune carpe
Catfishle poisson-chatles poissons-chatun poisson-chat
Cichlidle tilapiales cichlidésun tilapia
Gold Fishle poisson rougeles poissons rougeun poisson rouge
Guppyle guppyles guppysun guppy
Hogfishle labre capitaineles labre capitaineun labre capitaine
Pikele brochetles brochetsun brochet
Salmonle saumonles saumonsun saumon
Sharkle requinle requinsun requin
Sturgeonl’esturgeonles esturgeonsun esturgeon
Surgeonfishle poisson chirurgienles poisson chirurgienun poisson chirurgien
Triggerfishle balisteles balisteun baliste
Zanderle sandreles sandreun sandre
Fish in French

Water Animals in French (Les animaux aquatiques)

There are more animals than just fish in our lakes, rivers and oceans. Apart from sea birds there are all kinds of different inhabitants of our waters. If you ever took part in a diving course, you know how lively and fascinating the wildlife under water can be.

AnimalsFrench SingularFrench PluralIndefinite Article
Cuttlefishle calmarles calmarsun calmar
Dolphinle dauphinles dauphinsun dauphin
Frogla grenouilleles grenouillesune grenouille
Jellyfishla médusela méduseune méduse
Krillle krillno plural form
Lobsterle homardles homardsun homard
Mussella mouleles moulesune moule
Octopusla pieuvrepieuvresune pieuvre
Oysterl’huîtreles huîtresune huître
Shrimple crabeles crabesun crabe
Starfishl’étoile de merles étoile de merune étoile de mer
Toadle crapaudles crapaudsun crapaud
Turtlela tortueles tortuesune tortue
Whalela baleineles baleinesune baleine

French Animal Names for African Animals

Africa is full of interesting animals. Beautiful ones like antelopes and zebras, tall ones like elephants and giraffes or ferocious ones like lions or leopards. They are all fascinating and much better to be observed and admired than to be hunted.

AnimalsFrench SingularFrench PluralIndefinite Article
Antelopel’antilopeles antilopesune antilope
Buffalole buffleles bufflesun buffle
Chimpanzeele chimpanzéles chimpanzésun chimpanzé
Elephantl’éléphantles éléphantsun éléphant
Gazellela gazelleles gazellesune gazelle
Giraffela girafeles girafesune girafe
Gorillale gorilleles gorillesun gorille
Leopardle léopardles léopardsun léopard
Lionle lionles lionsun lion
Rhinole rhinocérosles rhinocérosun rhinocéros
Wildebeestle gnoules gnousun gnou
Zebrale zèbreles zèbresun zèbre

French Names of Polar Animals

The pole regions belong to the areas with the toughest conditions for survival on this planet. Ice and snow and temperatures well below freezing point. But some animals specialized in survival under these circumstances. Whether it’s polar bears at the North Pole or penguins at the South Pole, these animals are masters in living with extremes.

AnimalsFrench SingularFrench PluralIndefinite Article
Arctic Foxle renard arctiqueles renards arctiquesun renard arctique
Arctic Harele lièvre des neigesles lièvres des neigesun lièvre des neiges
Leopard Sealle phoque léopardles phoques léopardsun phoque léopard
Musk Oxle boeuf musquéles bœufs musquésun boeuf musqué
Penguinle pingouinles pingouinsun pingouin
Polar Bearl’ours polaireles ours polairesun ours polaire
Reindeerle rennele renneun renne
Sea Lionle lion de merles lions de merun lion de mer
Sealle sceaules scellésun sceau
Walrusle morseles morsesun morse

French Names of Extinct Animals

Image by Frank P. from Pixabay

There are an estimated 10 – 14 million different species on our planet today. But scientists assume that anywhere in the region of 5 and up to 50 billion species are extinct!

So the vast majority of species has vanished forever. Which may sound sad. But on the other hand, who would like to sit in a bus with a little fellow like the one in the picture above on the seat next to you? You wouldn’t? I thought so.

AnimalsFrench SingularFrench PluralIndefinite Article
Aurochsle aurochsles aurochsun aurochs
Caspian Tigerle tigre de la Caspienneles tigres de la Caspienneun tigre de la Caspienne
Dinosaurle dinosaureles dinosauresun dinosaure
Dodole dodoles dodosun dodo
Mammothle mammouthles mammouthsun mammouth
Saber-toothed Tigerle tigre à dents de sabreles tigres à dents de sabreun tigre à dents de sabre
Thylacinele loup de Tasmanieles loupsun loup de Tasmanie

This was our list of animal names in French. You should have enough material now for your next visit to a zoo. Looking for more French vocabulary? How about words of endearment in French?