Is it Bad to Learn Two Languages At Once

I've asked myself this same question when I was learning both Esperanto and Spanish at the same time (and a little bit of Dutch). While I don't have any scientific proof, I can talk about this topic from experience and what I've seen from polyglots in the community.

Learn two languages at once?

Think about this for a moment. Have you ever attempted to learn two things at once? For example, learning the piano and how to draw. It's very easy to do. As long as you clearly separate the two time wise, you can learn both things. In school, you learn several things at once so why not languages? Is learning two languages simultaneously really that hard or confusing to do?

You might say, "well languages are too similar." This is true, but ask people who do in fact speak two or several other languages and they'll tell you how easy it is for them to separate the languages in their head.

When I think and speak in Esperanto, I feel totally different than when I am speaking Spanish. It's like a whole different mindset. For me, it's easy to distinguish the two and that makes it easy for me to learn the two languages at once.

Is it Bad to Learn Two Languages At Once

There are even polyglots out there who learn many languages at the same time. One of those polyglots is Moses McCormick. You can see his YouTube channel here. He can speak somewhere over 40+ languages and studies two or more at the same time. His language skills are not bad either, when he talks to people he can actually hold decent length conversations. I'd say if Moses can learn multiple languages at once, then so can you.

Although it is easier to learn one thing at a time, if you really need to learn multiple at once or just want to, then I'd say go for it. It's totally possible.

5 thoughts on “Is it Bad to Learn Two Languages At Once

  1. Robert

    Hey, interesting post. I think for the beginner language learner, the thought of learning multiple languages at once can be daunting.

    Perhaps it's more of a mindset thing that stops people from doing this more often, rather than an actual inability to learn multiple languages at once.

    Interesting read, thanks.

  2. anton xie

    Don't think too much as a noob. Just go and pick up the languages you want to learn. Some will stick, others will not. Maybe you are not destined to speak some languages ^-^

    I studied Chinese, Japanese, French, and Spanish almost the same time after some mastery of English during my Uni years.


  3. Gabriel Pereira

    I'm a Portuguese native speaker and I speak Spanish and I'm learning German and studying English at the same time. I won't lie, It is not super easy, but it is not impossible too. My problem is: I'm studying for become a pilot of Lufthansa, an airline from Germany; in aviation we have to speak fluent english, and for live in Germany I have to speak German like I speak Portuguese, but I trust in God and I know He is going to help me and everything will be good. We do not have to put limits in our brain; I WANT, I CAN, I WILL GET IT! God bless you all

  4. Kim

    I am a American born Korean, and I was learning to speak Korean. Around the same time I was learning Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish and French. I must say it wasn't easy but it wasn't hard.
    After a while I ended up learning one language per season (three months) and ended up finishing in around a years time.
    Interesting read, thanks.

  5. Sophia

    I learn one language actively and another passively. For example, I'll working on all 4 skills of Italian, but German I just listen to textbook's dialogue and understand it and read a bit of grammar explanation for about 20 minutes a day. It works fairly well for me.


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